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Kelley Engineering Center (OSU)

Kelley Engineering Center
Corvallis, OR 97330, US (map)

Future events happening here

  • Saturday
    Apr 15 2017
    Beaver BarCamp 17
    Linux cf9e23a64deae7221dc64843cc2342af726fe6a796b9ddce97284c4e94aee6fb

    Beaver BarCamp is an informal conference where everyone is encouraged to participate and the sessions are not predetermined. It provides a collaborative environment that promotes the sharing of ideas and projects and is a fun, free, casual event filled with discussions, demos and interaction with attendees. Attendees both provide the sessions and choose the schedule, allowing for greater flexibility and freedom. While many are tech oriented, we encourage any DIY, educational or interactive sessions. We invite everyone and anyone to Beaver Barcamp. Registration is appreciated.


Past events that happened here