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Mar 23, 2013
Studying the Art of MIDI, Part 3: Crafting Analog & Digital Audio using Synthesis & Sampling
OHSU University Hospital South (UHS) 8B60 ("8th Floor")

The Applied Research & Technology Series (ARTS) is proud to extend an open invitation to Studying the Art of MIDI, Part 3: Crafting Analog & Digital Audio using Synthesis & Sampling. The presenter will share the fundamentals, technology, and applications behind his topics. This is the third of three workshops to educate and explore the technologies behind electronic music production.

Light refreshments will be provided. Attendance is free and open to all ages. Please register at Website above.

Venue is served by Trimet. Plan your trip at

The presenter: Tom Moxon is the founder of Moxon Design, an electronics design consulting organization. He has designed integrated circuits for a number of client companies including Cray Research, Adobe Systems, Hewlett Packard, Silicon Graphics, Rohm, and Hyundai Electronics. He was also on the design team of the Emulator II Sampling Keyboard for EMU Systems in the early 1980's.

Event Sponsors: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Oregon Instrumentation & Measurement Society (IEEE IMS) Dedicated to the development and use of electrical and electronic instruments and equipment to measure, monitor and/or record physical phenomena.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Oregon Control Systems Society (IEEE CSS): An international scientific, engineering, and professional organization was founded in 1954 and is dedicated to the advancement of research, development, and practice in automation and control systems.

Aug 10, 2013
BPOW!!! Battery Powered Orchestra Workshop
through CymaSpace

Encompassing two days of workshops, performances and culminating in a DIY public jam session, BPOW!!! wants to show Portland that even the simplest circuit configurations can bring forth unprecedented levels of ROCK.

Tickets and details are here:

Website here:

Hope you can make it! :)

Oct 30, 2013
Music Hacking: Flux Open House
Flux - Plastic Fantastics

Our first Themed Open House: the theme being hacking sound/music. No need to stick to the theme if you have a different kind of project you're working on.

Bring a project your working on or just come and mix with other folks who like making their own sound and instruments. Real informal. Dave is gonna bring 3 Mixtape Alpha boards plus parts anyone who's interested can build one with him.

OR bring your own project! Some of us will be chatting with folks who are interested about organizing a build a synthesizer workshop. If you've got ideas or interest in that come on down and help us shape it.

Jan 18, 2014
MIDI History and Modern MIDI Music and Video Production w/Bryan Bell
OHSU University Hospital South (UHS) 8B60 ("8th Floor")

IEEE IMS/CSS societies and MIDI User Group Portland (MUGPDX, formerly ARTS) are continuing a series of free community events related to MIDI technology and applications.

Bryan Bell will present on music technology old and new as well as music and video production:


12:30pm Welcome guests and mingle

1:00pm Bryan's early work pre-MIDI, post-MIDI, and touring with big industry names producing music

2:00pm Break with complimentary refreshments

2:15pm Bryan's modern work creating, recording, and producing music and video content. Workflows from garage band to more advanced tools and video production

3:45pm Wrap up and questions

4:30pm Clear out

May 24, 2014
Trash Audio Synth Meet
Muffwiggler Store

Synthesizer manufacturers during the day will show, sell, and educate you on their gear and a versatile roster of artists performing in the evening

Nov 15, 2015
An Introduction to Pure Data (free DorkbotPDX workshop)

DorkbotPDX is happy to offer a free workshop as an introduction to Pure Data (Pd).

When: Sunday, November 15th, 2015. 1-5pm Where: Ctrl-H Hackerspace, 7608 N. Interstate, PDX, OR

Bring: A laptop and headphones

Instructors: Jesse Mejia, Alex Norman, Jason Plumb


In this 4-hour course, students will learn the basics of Pd and will have fun developing foundational Pd patching skills.

Pure Data (Pd) is a free, open-source, community supported data flow language and coding environment with an emphasis on sound, music, and multimedia. It was originally written by Miller Puckette (also the original author of Max/Max MSP) and runs on Linux, Mac OSX, Android, and Windows.

Pd has been used widely in the creation of art -- such as music, sound art, visual art, generative, new-media, and interactive art. Pd interfaces readily with MIDI equipment and many popular microcontrollers.

We have curriculum posted here:

Beginners are welcome. No prior computer programming or sound programming experience is required!

Notes: Students should attempt to install Pd prior to the workshop...but if not, no biggie. We can help with that!

Seating is limited to 20 participants. Please RSVP to [email protected] to reserve a spot.

Attendees will respect The DorkbotPDX code of conduct and will be asked to donate.

Oct 24, 2017
Web Audio PDX - Web Audio PDX #4 – The Amazing AudioWorklet!

🔊 Welcome to WebAudioPDX 🔊

We're here to build a conversation and collaborate with people in Portland (and abroad) who're interested in Web Audio! 

Our first few meetups have been organizational & focused on gathering a core group of awesome individuals who're excited to build meaningful projects together. In October we’re continuing to trend towards learning together, getting active, and are connecting with the folks who implement Web Audio itself!

This month we couldn’t be more excited to welcome Hongchan Choi, who'll be sharing the magic of the AudioWorklet with us!

Hongchan is implementing Web Audio for Google Chrome around the clock, and actively develops the Web Audio API specification itself as a member of the W3C Audio Working Group.

In addition, he’s been building incredible projects like Omnitone (Spatial Audio Rendering on the Web), powerful prototyping tools, and is paving the way for Web Audio to be how we interact with and enjoy sound across the Web.

Here's what he'll be sharing with us this month:


AudioWorklet - "What, Why and How-to"

Summary: "What is AudioWorklet and why do we need it?" To answer this question, the context and background of AudioWorklet project will be discussed. In the later part, the advantage of AudioWorkletNode over ScriptProcessorNode will be presented with the hands-on demo. Also the talk is followed by several topics around AudioWorklet such as thread priority, garbage collection and WASM.


Have a project to share?
Bring your current projects to share and get everyone stoked about them! If you have a demo you'd like to share–we'd love to see it! We hope to help each other out with encouragement, code, and helpful feedback.

Are you a musician?
If you're a musician and not a programmer, and are interested in the internet of music and/or music tech, please come join us! We'd really love to talk with you and share perspectives!

🎉 See you there! 🎉

Missed the last couple meetups? No prob. These docs will get you up to speed! :D 
• Introduction to WebAudioPDX presentation Notes 
• Initial Meeting Notes