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Dec 7, 2016
pdxrlang meetup: shiny night: tutorial and use cases
WeWork Custom House

Let's have a Shiny night! If you're not familiar with Shiny, check it out at - Shiny is a web application framework for R. Many people use Shiny to convey business/research/etc. findings to collaborators/bosses/etc. without needing the person to be able to code. Checkout to see some really cool examples.

We're going to have a brief tutorial for those that haven't used Shiny, as well as some Shiny use cases to see what you can do with Shiny in the real world.


• Winston Saunders - intro to Shiny

• Jessica Minnier - speaking on

• Kinga Farkas - CUSUM Anomaly Detection App Using Shiny

• John Smith - Rise and shine. Shiny as an everyday tool.

Jan 12, 2017
pdxrlang meetup: Shiny talk night

Following our December meetup with an intro to Shiny and some use cases, we'll dive a bit deeper into Shiny with more use cases and Shiny-how-to. We'll have two speakers:

  • Jasmine Dumas - Extending Shiny by enhancing user experience with shinyLP - Slides
  • Lina Gao - Treatment Assignment in Adaptive Bayesian Sequential Design using Shiny

We'll be borrowing a projector so we won't be dealing with tiny screen this time!

Doors open after 615 pm. DO NOT SHOW UP BEFORE 615 PM. Talks start about 630 pm.


Go to 720 NW Davis, and someone will be there to let you in through the locked door.

We'll visit a local watering hole afterwards

Propose a talk! Or suggest a talk you want to hear or attend. At this site , or message Scott on or in the Slack room below or on twitter.

Hashtag for PDX R meetups: #pdxrlang & the Twitter account to follow/tweet at is @pdxrlang - We also use a back-channel during MeetUps and in between. Invite yourself here:

Jan 23, 2018
pdxrlang meetup: aggregate - Shiny workshop
US Custom House / WeWork

Aggregate meetup No. 17! Everyone is welcome!

shiny ( is a popular web application framework for making interactive visualizations and dashboards, allowing R users to share their analyses in an interactive format with minimal web programming expertise. In this workshop, we will produce a simple data exploration dashboard with tooltips using the shiny, ggplot2 and flexDashboard packages. I will introduce the basic concepts behind programming a shiny application, as well as some useful design patterns (reactives, tooltips, observe/update/isolate). Basic familiarity with R programming concepts and ggplot2 are suggested

We will not have pizza this time, but we will have some drinks, and perhaps some light snacks.


• Bring your computer!

• Time: 630pm - 8pm