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Feb 16, 2019
Twitter Sentiment with Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing
Portland Community Church

Join us for a demo of analyzing and plotting Twitter sentiment using Python and Natural Language Processing. I'll demo how to use techniques such as tokenizing, lemmatizing, corpora, wordnet, and building a machine learning classifiers such as Logistic Regression, SVC, and SGDC.

I wonder what the Twitter sentiment will be on our president on demo day?

If you would like to join the discussion check us out on Zoom

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Our Meetup provides an opportunity to "Show and Tell" followed by feedback and Q&A. You'll have the opportunity to share with our channels such as Meetup, GitHub, YouTube, and Facebook to connect with more passionate people.

The second half of our session we'll collaborate on new topics. The winner wins an award for the most interesting topic and the opportunity to share in an upcoming session.