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Jul 15, 2016
Real World DevOps 2016
Microsoft Pearl Office

As a movement, DevOps has now replaced Agile as the key factor in getting software builds out the door faster and safer. This workshop will help you define conditions of success for your organization and lay out a practical roadmap to change management. We’ll discuss features and advantages of leading DevOps tools and how to make sure your org culture and people can use these to best advantage to drive value and repeatability.

Agenda: - Building a 3-Phase roadmap to sanity – and getting out of firefighting - Defining DevOps For YOUR Organization - Release Management Plain and Simple – Which Tool is Best? - Metrics Make It Happen – KPI’s You Can Use to Track Progress and Drive Success - Overcoming Obstacles in Adoption

Contact Dave Harrison (dharriso AT microsoft .com) for more details and an invite.

Oct 17, 2016
New Relic

Join us for the October meeting of PdxDevOps.


Speaker: Morgan Rhodes, Puppet. "Organic, Free Range Automation: A Release Engineering Story" Morgan works as a release engineer at Puppet. She'll discuss issues arising from organic tooling growth and methods to address those.

Speaker: Matt Greensmith, Cozy. "Ops at Small Shops" Matt keeps the lights on at Cozy, a 20-person property management SaaS startup. He'll discuss the finer points of effective ops practices for small organizations.

pdxdevops is a Portland, Oregon user group that explores the glorious intersection of software development and systems operations, and shares practical advice on working effectively in an era of agile infrastructure, server automation and cloud computing. The group welcomes participants interested in any related products, technologies and methodologies. The group has been meeting regularly since August 2010 for presentations, demos and discussions applicable to all skill levels, from newbies and experts. Every month 15-35 people come together to share their knowledge, projects and enthusiasm for devops – join us!