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May 6, 2010
7th Planet Picture Show
Mt. Tabor Theater

7th Planet Picture Show, where Will Radik and his guests give movies their whatfor, MST3K style. There's a bar in back of the theater, you can yell at the movie all you want, and admission is FREE!

This sixth of May we'll lament a great tragedy, a widespread violation of human rights called Garbage Pail Kids. We already know that some things just don't translate well into the live-action medium. Did you know one of those things is baseball-type cards featuring ugly cartoon characters with clever names?

The ugly puppets sing, oh god, THEY SING! This movie is a tragic affront to every sensibility known to man. I'm just glad I was lucky enough not to come across it as a child. I have enough trouble sleeping as it is.

In addition to myself, I'll be subjecting veteran commenters Robert Wagner ( and Jay Mackin (Unibashradio) to this disgusting mess.

Dec 17, 2010
TRON: Legacy Midnight Showing in IMAX3D
Regal Cinemas Bridgeport Village Stadium 18 & IMAX

Get your electroluminescent wire costume out because it's time for the midnight release of TRON: Legacy in IMAX3D!

Here's a cool instructables article on how to make your own costume:

May 9, 2011
Green Light Movie...The Sustainable Oroville Project

Green Light Movie…The Sustainable Oroville Open House A call to action for leaders and press.

Being from the Pacific Northwest; you are considered a sustainability thought leader. You are cordially invited to our open house, a free solution based networking event.

Are you looking to get something out of the time you spend at a networking event? Do you attend green networking events to meet new people, or to participate in a solution?

Join the key Sustainable Oroville and Green Light Movie team for an engaging conversation. City leaders are saying YES to “green” through Sustainable Oroville – a civic initiative that already has attracted a canola crushing plant (which will produce canola oil and meal), as well as plans for the nation’s first sustainable, passive haus hotel. Since the launch of this initiative, Oroville is gaining attention from other clean-technology entrepreneurs and sustainability advocates who want to see it succeed.

So what’s the big deal? Oroville isn’t waiting around for the world to change … instead, it’s taking steps to change the world.

Oroville’s journey into sustainability will create a road map that other agriculture-dependent communities can adopt. Capturing this transformation in a documentary film creates a proof-of-concept that can be distributed worldwide. Through conversations with local leaders, business owners and residents, as well as sustainability movement leaders, we will show a grassroots effort creating change we NEED to see in the world.

This is your opportunity to play a part in a "think globally, act locally" solution that is happening right now while being documented in the Green Light Movie, the Sustainable Oroville Project film.

This is not your usual networking event. Stop by anytime between 3pm and 6pm. Stay as long as you like. Get one on one talking time with the thought leader visionaries. Listen to the vision, get questions answered, and see how YOU can intersect your experience, skills, and passion into this movement that is providing a solution to improve qualities of life in our very own Pacific Northwest communities.

Feel free to contact myself at [email protected] or 360-420-4594

Jul 20, 2013
Hackers in HeckleVision
Hollywood Theater (Portland)

Finally, your chance to see Hackers on the big screen, as it was meant to be seen!

Enjoy pizza + beer as you watch Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie chop up the websphere in this modern cult classic. Who knew playing wipeout could be so much fun!

Here's the copy from the website:

Published on July 1st, 2013 July 20th at 7pm I $8

Boot up or shut up!

Special guests Shane Torres (Portland’s Funniest Person 2013), Sean Jordan and Amy Miller will hang out to crack jokes via text with you and a few hundred of your best friends!

The 1995 film “Hackers” introduced audiences to a fantastical view of cyber crimes, phone phreaking and general tech-tomfoolery. In this cult classic techno-thriller, Jonny Lee Miller, Angelina Jolie and Matthew Lillard take on the villainous exploits of Fisher Stevens to save hackers and phreakers from being framed for environmental terrorism and financial fraud. Can they save the world with a P6 chip and a payphone?

This special screening is presented in HECKLEVISION: Through the magic of MuVChat technology, your jokes, heckles and commentary are encouraged – in TEXT form! Tap out your wittiest wisecracks with your phone and they’ll appear instantly on screen!

Apr 20, 2015
Techno-Activism 3rd Monday: Movie Night
The Gameroom

Free, but please RSVP with the link provided above

Movie Night

We'll have a cozy movie showing at theGameRoom. The movie is to-be-decided but will be on one of the following topics: privacy, surveillance, security, censorship.

Join us for a movie & discussion - everyone is welcome!

Appetizers will be provided, but we encourage you to support theGameRoom and indulge in a beverage and more food!

What's TA3M?

This is the Techno-Activism 3rd Monday event for Portland, Oregon. Techno-Activism Third Mondays (TA3M) is an informal meetup designed to connect software creators and activists who are interested in censorship, surveillance, and open technology. Currently, TA3M are held in various cities throughout the world, with many more launching in the near future.

Who should come?

Anyone interested in techno-activism. We invite coders, geeks, artists, and anyone else. No technical experience required.

Who's hosting?

The Privly Foundation organizes this and future TA3M events.

theGameRoom is generously providing space for the event. After the meetup, theGameRoom will provide free game play to TA3M attendees.

Code of Conduct

As with all of our events, there is a code of conduct. Please read it here: All attendees are expected to abide by this code of conduct.

Jul 8, 2016
CODE- Debugging the Gender Gap - Screening
Tillamook Station

$5 suggested Donation. There will be popcorn, candy, pizza, and beer!

Doors will open at 7 pm, the show starts promptly at 8 pm. Older kids are encouraged to come. Tech jobs are growing three times faster than our colleges are producing computer science graduates. By 2020, there will be one million unfilled software engineering jobs in the USA. Through compelling interviews, artistic animation and clever flashpoints in popular culture, CODE documentary examines the reasons why more girls and people of color are not seeking opportunities in computer science and explores how cultural mindsets, stereotypes, educational hurdles and sexism all play roles in this national crisis. Expert voices from the worlds of tech, psychology, science, and education are intercut with inspiring stories of women who are engaged in the fight to challenge complacency in the tech industry and have their voices heard. CODE aims to inspire change in mindsets, in the educational system, in startup culture and in the way women see themselves in the field of coding.

A special thanks to The OpenStack Foundation, a donating sponsor for this screening.

Oct 18, 2019
Citizen Jane: Battle for the City
Portland Mennonite Church

Citizen Jane: Battle for the City is a 2016 documentary about Jane Jacobs and her advocacy for livable cities. This free screening is sponsored by XRAY.FM, the Northwest Examiner, and Keep Portland Neighborly, to facilitate discussion as Portland considers changes to it City Code governing its relationships with neighborhood associations and other non-profits.