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Mar 8, 2012
MongoHQ Design Walkthough. Real World HTML5/CSS3/Javascript/API/OAuth

This meetup will feature snacks by Vitamin T, a book giveaway, and everyone who wants one will get a $50 MongoHQ credit.

The dream of web services lies in deploying rich web applications without having to render anything on a server first. You don't need Wordpress, Ruby on Rails, or any complex deployments to deliver powerful and sexy interactive experiences. You just need a bit of Javascript, and a lot of CSS.
This is walkthrough of a real production app composed entirely of static resources (html pages, css, javascript) with NO SERVER CODE, other than the APIs it talks to.

This is a true separation-of-concerns architecture, and we learned a lot by developing this.

  • How to use Compass/SASS to quickly generate CSS* How we used Middleman to write our HTML using SLIM
  • Using some HTML5 tricks to make layout simple
  • How we render everything on the fly using HTML templates (Handlebars)
  • What is backwards compatible, and what gracefully degrades
  • Really, REALLY sexy page transitions (ala github file browsing) using CSS3 (and a bit of Javascript)
  • How we made everything work on mobile devices with almost no work at all
  • Why we designed everything this way in the first place, and why you should too