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Apr 11, 2013
PDX Web & Design: Killing The Angle Bracket

Sooner or later we all have to work with HTML, despite its verbosity. Those of us who claim to love HTML may just be victims of Stockholm Syndrome, both praising yet secretly loathing it.

Basho designer John Newman is making the trek from the swamps of Florida to show us the way. In the modern world of markup preprocessors, these alternative syntaxes allow you to write simpler, cleaner, more concise code in a shorter amount of time. Certain techniques can even allow your team members who may be less-tech-savvy to contribute content directly without forcing you to wire up a WYSIWYG style CMS.

This talk explores great alternatives to plain HTML and CSS, and covers how Basho put these tools together to facilitate a painless, team-oriented approach to building sites and web apps.

Vitamin T will be feeding us pizza and recruiting for several local positions; Webtrends will give us space; and Basho is providing John.

Useful resource for designers: How To Become A Full Stack designer In 2019?