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Feb 17, 2009
Elephants Delicatessen NW 22nd Ave Website
Apr 16, 2009
SECP's April Event Multiple Income Stream Development | Do Events
Oregon Stamp Society

You Out Loud! Program Planning for Non-Planners

Want to create additional income streams with the knowledge and experience that you already have? SECP is planning a series of presentations with experts to help you do just that.

Our Presenter Marie Daniels is a coach, an educator, and a business professional. She's worked as both a trainer in corporate America and as an instructor for college students and young adults.

Marie brings a love of clear communication, conflict management, facilitation, and relationship building and she brings years of experience as an educator, mentor, trainer, and business person to my current career as a Communications Coach. Marie also does a weekly radio show here.

The Concept Have you ever wanted to share your knowledge and experience with other people but had no idea how to get started? Have you tried creating a workshop or presentation but just couldn't figure out exactly what you wanted to do or how to do it? If so, then this presentation is just what you need! When you leave, you'll have the outline for an actual workshop including objectives, goals, activities (if appropriate), and a takeaway for participants.

Objective Participants learn how to turn an idea into a workshop to generate income

Goals At the end of this presentation, participants will be able to create an outline for a client-attracting workshop

Takeaway Each participant will develop a workshop outline that includes an objective, goals, possible activities, and a takeaway

Date: Thursday, April 16, 2009 Time: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM Place:The Oregon Stamp Society - 4828 NE 33rd Avenue, Portland, OR 97211 Cost: $10 (members); $15 (non members) (you're welcome to just show up!) More Info >>

Sep 17, 2009
SECP September | Creating Multiple Income Streams
Oregon Stamp Society

One of the most popular modules of our new Self-Employed Academy ( is the one that talks about creating multiple streams of income. This module not only shows how to do that but we also talk about the different 'quadrants' of income you need to develop in order to stabilize you income.

Stabilize your income | What does that mean? What do you do when clients don't want to buy 'services'? It happens. The market tends to be cyclical. When it's down (like now) clients hold onto their money. They want to try to do it themselves. Where does that leave you if you're a service provider?

We're going to show you! There are experts right here in our own community that are doing fine earning a living by creating multiple income streams. SECP has pulled together a stellar panel who will share with you what they're doing to make it work. They'll give you some real examples of what they're doing and then they'll answer your questions.

Visit our site to check out our panel:

Nov 9, 2009
PDX Jelly

On Monday November 9, between 9am-5pm, come to PDX Jelly, Portland's new free co-working group.

We'll each work on our own thing in the same space. Meet new friends, share common interests, trade ideas, brainstorm, get some work done, and maybe even get some business referrals.

Bring your laptop or an old-fashioned notebook, and something you're working on, whether it's an online business, an art project, coding, writing or something else.

Souk has offered us room for the day. They're located at 322 NW 6th Avenue & Everett, Suite 200. Buzz #200 at the door.

RSVP with your name, the time you expect to arrive, and what you're working on: " Alex Linsker, 9am, revising the sales site for "

Alex (503) 468-3950

Nov 19, 2009
SECP: Develop a Cash Flow Mindset - A Key to Solo Business Success
Oregon Stamp Society

Practical tools for the Busy Creative Professional

* Understand Cash Flow
      o  Tips for billing, collections and credit policies to facilitate cash flow
      o Managing your cash flow- an anticipatory approach
* Charge Enough Money for Your Work
      o Why creatives often under charge
      o Steps you can take to bill what you are worth
* Create Measurable Goals-Metrics that Make Sense
      o Why a set of business metrics is important
      o How to develop them
      o How to use them

Jackie Babicky Peterson is a consultant, writer and speaker whose practice focuses on helping creative entrepreneurs achieve business success. Jackie herself is a serial entrepreneur whose first business was a CPA firm. Now Jackie is an advisor for the Small Business Development Center of Portland Community College where she teaches business skills to small business owners and provides one on one business advising to her clients. She is the author of Better, Smarter, Richer, 10 Steps to Business Success for Creative Entrepreneurs which will be available as an MP3 on her web site in January, 2010.

Cost: Members $10; Nonmembers $15 Register at: (or at the door)

Apr 22, 2010
Writing for an Invisible Audience | Susan Rich of RichWriting
IASECP Webinar

Are you writing for the internet? Whether you are writing website copy or blog postings, your goal is to resonate with an invisible audience.

Write it Rich! Real-World Writing Tips for Reluctant Writers is a fast-paced workshop covers:

* How to organize your thoughts and pick a key message
* Ingredients for memorable online content (both written and video)
* Tips and tricks to capture your target market’s attention *Q & A – strongly encouraged!

Susan Rich has earned a degree in journalism…which led to a career writing for newspapers and magazines. Along the way she joined several major companies, including Boeing and Tektronix. She learned how airplanes fly (and why they crash), and what goes on inside a logic analyzer (it isn’t logical if you’re not an engineer). To that end, Susan managed PR and marketing campaigns, developed materials for product launches, and fought the good fight with Excel. She lost — which only goes to show that she writse better than she can build a spreadsheet. After two decades in the corporate sector, Susan left in 2004 to start her own business… Welcome Susan!

You can learn more about Susan, her services, classes and events, and her company RichWriting here:

May 20, 2010
5 Important strategies for self publishing your nonfiction book as a business building tool
IASECP Webinar

Kaya Singer | Awakening Business Solutions

These days many people want to write “Their book!” It feels like getting something in print is one way to help build your business. This is true, however, how you write it, what you write about, who you write it to, what you want to accomplish and how you publish it makes a big difference in terms of meeting your goals.

Kaya Singer ( is the author of the newly published book, “Clear Your Focus, Grow Your Business: 7 Simple Steps to Empower Your Business and Bring Your Money and Freedom.” She helps successful small and solo business owners get clarity on what they need to do to overcome obstacles and take their business to the next level through her coaching programs, tools and seminars.

Kaya has also recently launched a new online community for solo business owners who want real community. Awake Business TeaHouse. You are invited to come and have a peek.

Jun 1, 2010
Multiple Income Streams for Self-Employed Professionals
through Online

Is your website ready for Multiple Income Streams? Join us June 1 – 3 for a 6-hour summit focused on getting your website Income Stream Ready.

Learn to:

* Set up & using Google Analytics;
* Build a killer list & generate leads
* Set up your eJunkie Shopping cart
* Use Social Media tactics to create buzz
* Create & your information product &
  turn your business into a cash machine
* Craft can’t-miss sales pages

For class schedule, speaker info, early bird discount info and to register, visit:

Aug 17, 2010
Developing Information Products: Create, Launch, Sell & Revise!
through Hood River Hotel

A fun getaway PLUS a powerful workshop on the step-by-step process to create and marketing high-end information products to bulk up your income streams. Perfect for solo pros especially those in the communications and creative service industries, consultants and coaches, or other service-based professionals.

Nov 10, 2010
How to Freelance for Me: Practical advice from Portland editors who pay for journalism

Wouldn’t it be great if a bunch of Portland’s best editors got together to tell freelance writers and photographers exactly what they want?

Oregon News Incubator, the Portland-based network for freelancers and other entrepreneurial journalists, is hosting its first big event.

We’re pretty excited about it, if you want to know the truth.

The skinny: Portland-based editors give free advice on what they look for in pitches and in freelancers.

The speakers: Kasey Cordell, senior editor, Portland Monthly; Robin Doussard, editor, Oregon Business Magazine; Abraham Hyatt, production editor, ReadWriteWeb. More guests to be announced!

Admission: Free! RSVP - Upcoming:

Nov 28, 2012
Collective Agency Open House
Collective Agency Downtown

Every last Wednesday of the month, Collective Agency has an open house, and everyone is welcome. Come by anytime 9-5, get lots of work done, and meet us!

We will be having our regular Wednesday Lightning Talks 2:00 - 2:30pm when two or three people here will give short presentations on something they are working on.

We have a lot of passionate, interesting, and interested people here, so these casual brief presentations and conversations are always very interesting.

Jan 30, 2013
Looking for Coworking or Meeting Space? Open House at Collective Agency
Collective Agency Downtown

Collective Agency, a dynamic, democratic coworking space in Old Town has openings for members, and is available for meeting rentals. You can join us at this open house, or stop by anytime between 9-5 to check us out.

Jan 10, 2014
Freelancers Union - Thriving Networks: Marketing and Connecting that Works
Moxie Studio

In this fun Freelancers Union workshop, we'll discuss promotional techniques and how to build a network that works for any freelance business - ranging from tech to writing, design, and more. Learn to talk about yourself without bragging, use social media without getting overwhelmed, and take advantage of the best marketing tools for independent workers.

You'll leave with:
• A description of your ideal project and client
• A compelling elevator pitch
• A clear map of your existing network
• An easy-to-execute marketing plan

$35 to attend. Please RSVP online.

Location: Moxie Studio
5010 NE 9th Ave #B
Portland, OR 97211

About Freelancers Union
Freelancers Union is a national membership organization of independent workers, including temporary, part-time, freelance, and self-employed workers. Not a member? Be sure to join us – membership is free!

Jan 22, 2014
Freelancers Union - Freelancers Happy Hour
Green Dragon Bistro & Brew Pub

Kick back with craft beer at a special happy hour for freelancers!
Brought to you by Freelancers Union

Whether you’re a programmer or publicist, crafter or cook, you’re invited to mingle with other freelancers and independent business owners who share your goals and challenges. Choose from 62 eclectic craft beers on tap at the Green Dragon - a tasty menu (with vegan options) is also available.

$15. Includes one free drink ticket. RSVP online.

About Freelancers Union
Freelancers Union promotes the interests of independent workers through advocacy, education, and services. Not a member? Be sure to join us - membership is free!

Aug 27, 2014
August Open House
Collective Agency Downtown

Wednesday August 27th, 9am to 5pm, come and work at Collective Agency during our Open House!

Community Mission Statement:

"Collective Agency is a cozy place to work alongside people doing work they’re passionate about and committed to, where 80% of people say hi. Come and work here!"


Schedule (come when you like): • 9am - Open

• 12pm - Lunch from the local food carts. Arrive before noon to join us.

• 2-2:30pm - Optional Member Meeting - for members to share updates/events, goals, and questions/suggestions, and to get feedback from other members if there are things they'd like to organize here. We love having a variety of events, groups and activities here and want more of that.

• 5pm - End of Open House

The open house is for everybody who'd like to work here for the day, regardless of whether or not you're interested in membership; it's a good day to work with friends.

Members have 24/7 access. We have just over 60 members and 2 staff, with room to grow to around 100 members.

Feb 7
Indie UX/UI Meetup - Kickoff Meet & Greet
Shut Up and Eat

Hi everyone! This is the very first event in a new series of meetups for independent/alternative designers in Portland. Come on by and meet some folks! Let's talk about what we can do with a group like this.


Work alone? Freelance? Self-taught? Only designer on your team? Only developer who cares about UX? You might be an indie designer.

The goal of this group is to build community by sharing space, stories, process, techniques, and skills. We aim to help people feel more fulfilled, supported, and connected in their work. ALL people working or interested in design are welcome but most especially women, nonbinary folks, LGBTQA+, POC, and any others who are not well supported or represented in the tech industry.

This is a community-driven event and so the format, process, and schedule of this series is still in flux. Things to think about: What do you need? How can we (this group) help?

See Facebook event page for more details.