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Sep 22, 2011
The Right Tool for the Job: iovation Shares How Cassandra Helped Them Scale
Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub

Identifying fraud and suspicious activity on the Internet is all about data. iovation protects its customers by analyzing devices performing high value transactions and recommending an action in real-time based on past activity. Apache Cassandra can consume and analyze a ridiculous amount of data while keeping costs low.

At iovation an implementation using Cassandra currently supports 10,000 read/write operations per second on a cluster storing over 1 billion rows in 500GB, Cassandra makes this solution horizontally scalable, highly available, recoverable, and cheap (under $20k).

In this presentation Darin will cover some of the other options his team explored, hardware choices that were made, and the more interesting tunables Cassandra offers that allow you to squeeze IOPS out of your cluster.

Presenter: Darin Glatt, Principal Application Architec, iovation Darin Glatt is software developer with over 10 years experience working with large-scale distributed systems. He is currently the Application Architect for iovation where he helps fight fraud, account take over, and identity theft on the Internet by tracking device reputation and suspicious activity in real-time. Prior to taking on the bad guys of the Internet, Darin helped build a massively multi-player blackjack game for the UltimateBet platform and developed MetroOnes nationwide VoIP network, the backbone of their 411 offering.

May 15, 2012
The "Beer Dashboard" App: A Case Study
USBank Tower Burnside Room

Portland’s own Bailey’s Taproom has 20 beers from which pour an ever-rotating array of fine brews representing a wide range of styles emphasizing Oregon breweries. Our main attraction for this event is their "Beer Dashboard”, a large flat-screen monitor that displays detailed information for each beer on tap, the amount left in each keg, and who’s checked in through Foursquare as well as tweeting the arrival of a new beer on the menu.

Most software developers love beer, but rarely do both interests so easily combine into a single SAO event. Join us with developer Eric Sterling, the creator of the beer dashboard, as he delves into nuances of this project and his adventures turning restaurant software into business. Afterwards, we invite you to walk over to Bailey’s to see new cool beer technology in action and enjoy a pint yourself!

What's better than combining what Portland does best; beer and technology!

Meet the Creator

Eric Sterling, Software Engineer, Thetus Corporation and Chief Software Architect/CTO, WineSlingr

Eric is a craft beer lover and senior software developer specializing in innovative internet applications, mobile development and highly scalable back-end systems. Eric has worked at software consultancy firms such as Vertigo, SoftSource and Aeshen as well as innovative startups like Thetus, Supertracks, and Instant Media. Among the projects he was worked on, Eric has designed a system to help coordinate first responders in emergencies, a website for legally downloading high definition movies and an online interactive game to help promote Jay-Z’s book launch. He is well versed in a wide variety of languages including C#, Java, Ruby, Python, JavaScript and Scala. He is adept at using cutting edge UI technologies such as HTML5, Silverlight and Flash, and various web frameworks including node.js, Rails, Play and Flask. He is also proficient with various databases such as SQL Server, Postgres, MongoDB and neo4j.


5:30 PM Doors Open, Networking

5:45 PM Program Begins

6:15 PM Program Ends

6:30 PM Move to Baileys to 'Test'