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Oct 4, 2008
Reservation System Code Sprint
CubeSpace [ *sniff* out of business 12 June 2009]

Starting at the Calagator Documentation Sprint, we will plan out how to build a separate reservation system for Calagator. This will be an entirely new-code project to build a system to maintain reservations for calagator events. Discussion to be had as to whether to store data in calagator and use this as a frontend, store data in the new reservation system and provide an API for Calagator to use to save reservations, or something completely different.

This will probably be written in Python+Django.

Jul 16, 2014
OpenConferenceWare Code Sprint
Ford Food and Drink (SE 11th and Division)

Come hack on OpenConferenceWare, the conference-management system written for Open Source Bridge.

We'll be digging in to open issues, working on some refactoring tasks, and getting new folks acquainted with the code base.

OpenConferenceWare is a Ruby/Rails web app, distributed as a Rails engine.

Apr 10, 2010
Open Source Bridge volunteer sprint
Market Street Pub

The next Open Source Bridge volunteer sprint will be this Saturday, April 10th at the Market Street Pub. We’ll be there from 11am till 5pm, but you can come to as much of it as you’d like. Add this event to your calendar.

Some things we need your help with:

  • Audio: We need to process last year’s audio from our sessions and be ready to quickly process this upcoming year’s audio. It would be great if you could download the 2009 event’s audio, familiarize yourself with it, think about how to clean it up so it can be posted, and bring it along with your computer to the sprint.

  • Wiki: We want to provide useful information to our attendees and offer structure to help them organize and contribute information through our wiki. There is a lot of useful content on our 2009 wiki that can be used as inspiration for content to add to the 2010 wiki.

  • OpenConferenceWare: We have a few branches containing valuable contributions to our open source conference software that we’d like to finish reviewing and testing so we can incorporate them, including security improvements, performance fixes and software upgrades.

  • Complimentary ticket issuer: We’d like to make it easier for our volunteer staff to be able to issue complimentary tickets to speakers, raffle winners, and volunteers. We have developed a plan (PDF) for doing this, and need to start development.

  • Hacker lounge planning: We have a 24-hour on-site “hacker lounge” this year for attendees to collaborate and hang out at. We need to discuss how to organize events in this room to provide just enough structure to help attendees without stifling their creativity.

  • Logistics, venue and activity planning: We’re using the beautiful Portland Art Museum Mark Building as our venue this year. Discuss how to make the best use of this space and incorporate fun activities ranging from mobile donut trucks to on-site massages with our logistics crew.

  • Or whatever you think would be helpful.

Thanks and see you at the sprint!