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Mar 27, 2012
cat User's Group
Lucky Labrador Brew Pub

Portland's Cat Advancement Team (CAT) presents this meeting for our beloved command 'cat'

You use cat every day, but did you know there's more to it than simply displaying a file?

Jen Adams will present on the following topics:

cat history - considered harmful?

concatenation of files and stdin

pipes and redirects

command line options - who knew?


Sep 13, 2014
CAT BarCamp
PSU Maseeh Engineering Building

CAT BarCamp is:

An Unconference

An informal conference whose agenda is directed by its attendees

Has Sessions

The sessions at a Bar Camp are as unpredictable as the Oregon weather. They can be on various topics, from technology-oriented dev ops to non technology oriented ‘How to make the BEST grilled cheese EVER!’.

Open to Everyone

CAT BarCamp is not only for PSU students! Anyone who has an interest in being involved may attend.


Bar camps are unscheduled which means that the topics for sessions are not pre-determined. The timeslots for the sessions however are. Everyone gets a chance to pick a timeslot in which to speak in throughout the unconference.

Has no Charge to Attend

In the spirit of the Open Source Community Bar Camps are free of charge. All we ask is that you register so that our planners have an idea of how many attendees to expect.

Oct 6, 2018
CAT Barcamp 2018
Portland State University Engineering Building

Find out more and register for the event at

CAT BarCamp is a free unconference hosted by the Computer Action Team at Portland State University every year.

BarCamps are free conferences where the people who show up on the day of decide what the conference is about. No scheduled talks are planned beforehand by the organizers, making the range of talks and topics covered each year entirely unique. Timeslots are posted in an accessible place and the attendants are given (fairly) free reign to post and choose which talks they would like to attend or give. We only ask that topics be respectful and PG-rated.

The CAT at PSU is an ops training organization that has secured the venue and is organizing the event. We expect many job-hungry students skilled in development, computer science, operations, and everything else to be in attendance at this event and we want to enable as many connections as possible. Because the CAT is a tech organization and has ties to the larger tech community, many speakers will likely give tech-oriented talks.