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May 29, 2012
Oregon Computer Consultants Assn. May 2012 Meeting
Red Lion Hotel Portland - Convention Center

Agenda: 6:00--6:20 Networking 6:20--7:00 No-host dinner 7:00--7:30 Introductions and announcements 7:30--8:30 Main Presentation (followed by Q&A):

Offering Managed Services for Small Business

Managed Services What it is and why you would choose to offer it.
Monthly recurring revenue vs. managed services.
What is "Managed Services when it comes to helping small businesses with computer and network management?
What is the business reason for a small business owner to sign up for manages services?
What is the business reason for a service provider to offer managed services?
    Stabilize cash flow
    Retain clients longer
    More to be added during discussion

How Managed Services model affects your business valuation.
    Do you have a business or a job?
    The Managed Service Agreement
    "The key to maximizing the value of an organization is in maximizing consistent earnings over time , Erick Simpson

Deciding what services to offer (deliverables)
    One program, "you are on the plan or not .
    Tiered program; none, Bronze, Silver, Gold
    Do you want to offer "all-you-can-eat .
    A La Carte "pick from a list with each item priced separately
    Monitoring Only

Tools you can use hosted or in-house
    Kaseya, Level Platforms, N-able, Continuum (formerly Zenith)
    What to monitor

Pricing Managed Services.

How do you start?
    Sell to an existing client
    Market to all new clients

Q & A

Presented by Tom Rich

Currently Senior Technology Consultant for On Line Support, Inc. Former: Owner of Mt. Hood Computer Services, Inc. Former board member of: OCCA, Technology Wizards, No Bug Former MSCE, CCEA, Small Business Specialist

Jan 28, 2021
Financial Accounting for Entrepreneurs Workshop by The Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Whether you’re bootstrapping or investment-backed, pre-revenue or turning a profit, just started up or have been operating for years, there are steps you need to take to stay on top of your finances, maintain compliance, and establish or maintain a strong foundation.

In this workshop, you will learn:

Why accounting is important for an entrepreneur to know Overview of cash flow vs. balance sheet Financial terms to know when talking to others involved in supporting your business The key players every entrepreneur should have within their financial support system About the speaker:

Michael Rewkiewicz is a partner in the Assurance and Advisory Practice at Frank, Rimerman + Co. and leads the firm’s Venture Fund Group. He has extensive experience in advising venture backed companies. Michael specializes in audits of venture funds, private equity funds and debt funds ranging from $10m into the billions in terms of committed capital.

Questions about this event? Please contact Katie Spoden at [email protected].

This event is created by Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, University of Chicago, and Frank, Rimerman + Co. LLP.