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Aug 16, 2012
PDX-UX: Avoiding the Spaghetti by Henrik Joreteg
Thetus Corporation


  • Snacks, Beer and Networking 5:30 - 6:00
  • Presentation and discussion: 6:00-7:30 or so 

Join our google group here -  Don't forget to follow us on twitter - @PDXUX -!/PDXUX

Henrik Joreteg – “Avoiding the Spaghetti” Clientside code doesn't have to be an ugly cluttered mess. Building clean, sane, maintainable client-side applications is indeed possible. We'll talk a bit about CommonJS on the client, properly abstracting a model layer, the DOM as a dumb view layer, sharing code between client/ server and other techniques for avoiding insanity like automated static code analysis. 

Henrik is a partner and lead JS developer at &yet (, a boutique web software company in Richland, WA. He's a member of a growing group of javascript developers who are blazing the trail of realtime and single-page web application development and server-side javascript. Let’s put it this way: the dude cannot shut up about node.js, backbone, and 

He is the primary developer for &bang ( and has written a slew of single-page real-time web apps using a number of technologies. He recently spoke at NodeConf and KRTConf and was a technical reviewer for O'Reilly's JavaScript Web Applications. He is the author of the popular open source javascript templating solution, iCanHaz.js and as an early adopter of Backbone.js wrote several definitive blogposts on the subject. 

Sep 12, 2013
Application Security using OWASP
Thetus Corporation


Application security is a moving target, but the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is here in Portland to help you write and deploy applications securely. Speakers James Bohem and Tim Morgan will walk you through all of the free resources made available by OWASP to developers, application architects, and information security professionals.

As an example of how OWASP can help, we'll present some of the finer points of secure web session management, covering the variety of attacks on SSL-protected web traffic if sites are not configured properly. We'll touch on cookies, state management, SSL and some common problems and solutions.

Q&A will follow. Pizza and beverages will be served.


James Bohem manages the security program at WebMD Health Services, which includes a large web-based application with millions of users, as well as other security technologies and risk management for a 400+ person division of WebMD in Portland. James has 15 years in security consulting with a focus on application security, design and technical compliance with a range of regulations and standards. In addition, he has experience developing large distributed applications, microkernels, the UNIX kernel, and international software systems for open systems.

Tim Morgan has been taking deep technical dives in security for over a decade as an application security specialist and vulnerability researcher. Tim resides in Oregon and works as VSR where he helps to secure his customers' environments through penetration testing, training and forensic investigations. Tim also develops and maintains several open source digital forensics tools, including Bletchley, an application cryptanalysis toolkit.

Feb 25, 2014
How to Build an App in Less than 59 Minutes
Thetus Corporation

A lot has changed with the tools and methods for web-based and mobile development. Affordable cloud hosting and full stack development solutions exist in great numbers. But what is the real benefit? Can using these new tools help build better software, faster? Or is it just for toy apps? Join the TAO Developer Forum as developers build a responsive web-based application using some of the newest technologies available (AngularJS, RESTful services, Firebase, Xcode, JetBrains, AppCode, JetBrains WebStorm, Android Studio, Objective-C, Java, Cloud providers, JIRA, GitHub and so on).

The event will start with the audience selecting the application that will be built, and will lend with a Q&A session. If you're looking to learn about the latest technology trends in web and mobile development, this is the event to be at.

May 6, 2014
PIE application deadline (EXTENDED due to technical glitch)

At PIE, we like startups. It’s why we started this whole experiment in the first place. So, whenever we have the chance, we opt for using startup products as part of our process. Whether they are PIE companies or not.

We just like supporting startups.

Most of the time, taking these calculated risks is positive all around, for both PIE and the startup. But every once in a while we encounter some issues.

Unfortunately, we are experiencing an issue on the application platform we tried out for this class. A handful of folks have reached out to us, seeking confirmation that their application went through, as they did not receive the confirmation email. When we went searching, those folks didn’t turn up in the database.

Cue cold sweat.

We’re still working to diagnose the problem. And applications have officially closed. But given the issues, we are now put in the uncomfortable position of having to ask these already overtaxed entrepreneurs to resubmit their applications.

For more information, see the PIE blog.

Nov 10, 2014
FutureTalks PDX with Isaac & Baxter + Special Happy Hour
New Relic

Emergence of the Marketing Engineer

Software is eating the world, and now more than ever modern Marketers rely on software platforms to engage the right audience, with the right message, at the right time. Learn how marketing technology, automation, and an engineering mindset is shaping a new type of marketer and a new type of engineer.

Join us on November 10 when we'll hear from New Relic's own Isaac Wyatt and Baxter Denney on the future of Marketing Technology and the emergence of Marketing Engineers. See a demo of our mashup of Marketing & Application Data using our real-time analytics platform, New Relic Insights.

› Doors will open at 5:30p for a special networking happy hour! The food and drinks are provided by Bellagios and New Relic. The presentation will begin right at 6:30p.

› Please RSVP via Eventbrite HERE

Isaac is a marketing ops manager at New Relic. He came to New Relic with 10 years of business and SaaS experience, 8 in SaaS. His two pillars of expertise are marketing automation and marketing analytics.

Baxter is a marketing ops geek, having led Marketing Ops and DemandGen teams at Citrix and Couchbase. Prior to that he was a marketing consultant, specializing in politics and sports marketing. Currently he leads the Marketing Operations team at New Relic.

› FutureTalk is brought to you by New Relic in collaboration with TAO