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Jan 28, 2016
Circle Up Networking- Speaker Keri Murphy!
Tabor Space

Early birds save $7!

Early bird ticket sales ending Dec 24th! Get your ticket today to see Keri Murphy (flying up from LA!) speak on Jan 28th, 2016. Join us to start the new year with inspiration!

Circle Up Networking- Expand your mind, expand your network, expand the Possibilities.

At Circle Up, you’ll join other passion-driven, community-minded professionals for an evening of Circle Up-Level Up talks and purpose-driven networking. Learn more:

Do you feel like you are capable of living a much greater, more inspired life than you currently are? Do you feel stuck or frustrated that you are not using your gifts in a way that fills your heart and bank account? You are not alone, in fact statistics show that only 20% of people actually make a living doing what they love and that means that 80% of us are not living an Inspired life. But the great news is…you can create any life you want and 20 16 is the perfect time to get started or re-invigorated!

Join International speaker, TV Personality and CEO of Inspired Living, Keri Murphy as she shares Failing Forward: How Challenges Can Become Your Greatest Stepping Stones. She will be sharing how she started completely over in 2009 after closing her doors to a business she loved and how she built a multi-six figure business in less that 3 years. Whether you’ve been thinking of starting your own business, want to grow the one you have, or are just looking for some good ol’ inspiration, this talk with Keri will have you buzzing with possibility.

Please contact Tiffany - [email protected] with questions.

Sep 6, 2019
*Updated Time/Location: Let's Create Light Paintings! Long Exposure Photography
OMSI 1945 Southeast Water Avenue Portland, OR 97214

Have you tried or do you have interesting ideas for light painting? If this is your first time, or if you're a pro, join us for a collaborative session.

Let's experiment our creative ideas near OMSI parking lot to capture the Portland cityscape during the blue hour.

I'll start by providing camera techniques and paintbrush ideas on how to capture beautiful light paintings. I'll bring my camera, light sword, and paintbrushes I used to capture my phenomenal paintings.

Here's some inspiration on light painting

Be inspired! Knowledge Mavens

Feb 13, 2020
Galentine's Day: How to Make Friends as Professional Women
Neyborly Old Town

While it might seem tough to maintain and cultivate friendships as a professional woman, the joy that stems from spending time with a close companion is immeasurable. Sometimes you just need a friendly shoulder to cry on when things turn sour. Or an ear to share your oh-so-exciting job news with!

Too often we assume we don't have enough time in the day to be with friends. But that's what makes Galentine's Day so special — it gives you a full 24 hours to celebrate the friendships that make your life so wonderful.

"Galentine's Day: How to Make Friends as Professional Women" is a festive opportunity to really honor the power of friendships. Bring your pals to honor each other over free food and drink - we'll have boozy and non-boozy drinks available.

There will be an array of local, successful women speaking on a panel that focuses on the importance of friendships while toiling away in the working world. They'll talk of ways to cultivate friendships, and how to avoid the misconception that you can't make friends as an adult. There'll also be a fun ribbon activity that helps unite introverts, extroverts, and everyone in between. As well as a Valentine's Day card station - write up a message of love for your bestie and we'll stamp and send it for ya! Plus! Proceeds from this event will be going to Rose Haven - a local day shelter for women and children.

Join us today to snag a seat amongst a bunch of amazing women!

Meet the Panelists:

Julia Andrews represents the National Association of Women Sales Professionals as the Chapter President for Portland, OR and is the founder and creator of The Art of Feminine Selling™, a sales methodology that highlights empathy and vulnerability as a strength with an emphasis on mindset and authenticity to self. She is a sales coach and a sales-team strategist who's sold over $215M in sales and who bring her expertise from working over 2 decades as a top-tier performer in corporate financial services to help and support women not be afraid of selling and achieve the financial success they envision for themselves. Before moving to the U.S. Julia shares that one of her biggest adventures was learning English as a second language while at the same time learning how to sell as she needed to alleviate the household burden to her single mother with 5 children. As she describes it, "Sales was my second language and English was my third."

Blaire Hervey was born in Dallas, TX, raised in Louisville, KY, and launched a career as a highly competitive Sales Professional in Atlanta, GA. There she was consistently presented with challenging opportunities which contributed to her unique blend of Sales, Training, Operations and Performance Management expertise. She started with DiscoverOrg, leading a metric-focused team who focus on technology proficiency, adoption, and continuous application for external customers. She has since moved into a newly established role as Director of Training & Sales Enablement at ZoomInfo, powered by DiscoverOrg, leading a team who motivates our revenue generating teams to stretch their skillset & bloom into consistent high performers. Blaire has gained a reputation as an energetic motivator, disruptive innovator and inspirational leader who other leaders lean on to develop Sales Operational & Training Excellence within their rapidly growing organizations and implement strategies to increase diversity company-wide. Blaire is also a business coach, image consultant, culture influencer, The Corporate Strategist for PDX Women of Color and trailblazer for "Making $100k Without A Degree".

Tami Wood is the General Manager of The Riveter, a women-centered community driven workspace built around equity of opportunity in the workplace being a reality for all. A Better Jones and Other Sides of Sales presents "Galentine's Day: How to Make Friends as Professional Women".