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Trade agreements and your privacy!

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Remember the TransPacific Partnership (TPP)?

Trade deals are often negotiated at a high level, out of sight from our daily lives, so we often don't hear much about them until negotiators have already reached agreement on the final deal. Typically, the only groups involved in negotiations are the US Trade Representative, corporate lobbyists, trade advisors, and representatives from the various countries involved in the deal.

Well, there's a new trade deal currently in work, and here's an early opportunity to learn about it and how it might affect you!

The deal is called the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF), and one of it's pillars addresses cross-border data flows and the digital economy. Since several of the countries that will be a party to this agreement do not have strong human rights protections, advocates at the Trade Justice Education Fund (TJEF) are concerned that lower standards set at the international level will have a negative impact on US laws.

Join us this month when Yimei Shao, PNW Regional Organizer for TJEF, will talk about the IPEF international trade deal and how it could impact consumer data privacy, workplace surveillance, and other issues that intersect with labor and technology.

You can read more about deal in the US Trade Rep's fact sheet: https://ustr.gov/about-us/policy-offices/press-office/press-releases/2022/may/fact-sheet-asia-president-biden-and-dozen-indo-pacific-partners-launch-indo-pacific-economic

Come learn about this trade deal and how you can make your voice heard!

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Speaker bio:

Yimei Shao (they/them) is the PNW Regional Organizer for the Trade Justice Education Fund (TJEF), and also serves as the Chair of the Global Justice Committee at Portland Jobs with Justice (PDX JWJ). TJEF is a national organization that promotes awareness about international trade justice, including workers’ rights, environmental and public health issues impacted by trade. PDX JWJ is a coalition of 100+ labor, faith, community and student organizations taking action for workers rights and economic justice.

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