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Police Intelligence Gathering and Surveillance Audit



Last year, staff at the City of Portland Auditor’s Office performed an audit of police intelligence gathering and surveillance, and their report has just been released to the public. The objective of the audit was to answer the question "Did police gather intelligence and conduct criminal investigations in a manner that protected privacy and civil liberties during the protests that occurred between May 2020 and May 2021?".

Further details about the audit are available here: https://www.portland.gov/audit-services/news/2021/8/17/police-intelligence-gathering-and-surveillance-audit-end-planning

And the full report is here: http://www.portland.gov/police-intelligence-gathering

At this month's meeting, Elizabeth Pape, from the City of Portland Auditor’s Office, will join us to share the results of the audit. Come and learn about the audit process, why this specific topic was chosen, and the conclusions reached as a result of the audit. As City legislators look to enact a surveillance ordinance for Portland, considering the impacts of surveillance on privacy and civil liberties is an important step in setting the course for Portland's use of surveillance technologies.

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Speaker bio:

Elizabeth Pape is a Performance Auditor at the City of Portland Auditor’s Office in Portland Oregon. She has a fifteen-year background working in diverse government settings from Washington County Oregon, to New Orleans Louisiana, to Prague in the Czech Republic. Elizabeth just finished an audit of police intelligence gathering and is starting a new one about access and navigation for homeless services. She also coordinates the audit follow-up process and the Fraud Hotline for the Portland City Auditor. Elizabeth has a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning degree from Portland State University.

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