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TiE Oregon Women - Pitch Club



Pitch Club is a collaborative workshop for any entrepreneur with the desire to create a perfect pitch. This event welcomes people who are practicing any kind of pitch (concept pitch, sales pitch, investor pitch etc.). Participants will receive feedback from their peers and TiE Charter Members and Investors.

TiE Women Pitch Club is moderated by ROBIN JONES and HEATHER SAMARIN, successful entrepreneurs, investors, and TiE Charter Members.

Each attendee who intends to pitch should prepare a five minute pitch presentation. (This can include a power point projection that will be presented from your computer.) Directly after pitching a 10 minute Q&A will take place with questions to the imaginary investors about the product and pitch.

Those who attend pitch club will walk away with a better understanding of what investors look for in a pitch and how to answer the questions possible investor will ask. In addition, each presenter will receive a digital copy of their pitch and feedback from their peers and TiE Charter Members.