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Portland Facial Recognition Ordinance Drafts



Last month, we had a great panel discussion about the use of facial recognition technologies, where we looked at the accuracy of the technology as well as how it affects various groups of people and their civil rights. Due to a number of issues surrounding the technology, several cities have banned government agencies from using facial recognition, and there's currently a similar effort at the federal level.

In August, the City of Portland will consider two bills that ban the use of facial recognition technologies within the City. One bill addresses use by public agencies, and the other addresses private use.

Hector Dominguez, the Open Data Coordinator at Smart City PDX, within Portland's Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, is one of the chief authors of the proposed bills and will join us this month to discuss what each piece of legislation covers and how the bans, if approved, will work. He'll also talk about the internal efforts to develop a privacy toolkit that includes privacy impact and risk assessments, guidelines, and a Privacy Champions Network.

Links to drafts of the legislation and the City Code amendment are available on the meeting registration page at: https://www.meetup.com/Portlands-Techno-Activism-3rd-Mondays/events/271802710/

Bring your questions and join the discussion. We hope to see you there!

Speaker bio:

Hector Dominguez is the Open Data Coordinator at the City of Portland. In 2009, Portland became the first city in the United States to adopt an Open Data Resolution to encourage the expansion of the technological community by promoting open data and partnerships between City government and the public, private and nonprofit sectors, academia, and labor.

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