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Community Manager Meetup - Let's talk about LinkedIn Events: Meetup.com replacement? Facebook replacement?

811 Naito Parkway, Suite 600
Portland, Oregon (OR) 97204, USA (map)



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If you didn't notice, LinkedIn quietly added an in-person event feature to their core application last year. LinkedIn already provides an online community platform through their "Groups" and with this feature they now have support of in-person communities.

At it's most basic level, this new feature allows for Time/Date/Location, attendance tracking, and sending invites through LinkedIn.

How can community leaders and community managers leverage this tool to expand our online and in-person community presence? What are the pitfalls and missing features? Can we integrate or complement local community solutions like Calagator or other tools like Meetup, Facebook, Reddit, and online forums?

Joe Dunn has been evaluating LinkedIn events for several weeks and will be sharing his insights with a brief presentation. Bring your notes and observations on using LinkedIn for community building.

Agenda: 5:00pm - Welcome time 5:45pm - Presentation beings 6:15pm - Group discussion

This location is ADA accessible and located near the Max station on 2nd and Yamhill. Street parking is generally available in the evenings.