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Lunch & Learn - Escaping the Government Pricing Pinch: From Gross to Net

Oregon Bioscience Incubator (OBI) / OTRADI
4640 SW Macadam Avenue, Suite 270
Portland, Oregon 97239, United States (map)

Although we have some parking onsite, it is limited and not guaranteed. We recommend taking public transportation in the form of bus (bus 35 drops off on Macadam and we are a block down the road) or streetcar. The streetcar is less than a 10 minute walk from our location.



Organizations that thrive typically all have one thing in common: They understand what contributes, and detracts, from their bottom line. But mastering that task in a world of hidden government pricing is becoming a tightrope walk. That’s because government pricing programs can disproportionately impact sales channels—and paint a vastly different picture of a company’s financial status when comparing gross and net incomes.

Small biotech companies are frequently unaware of the impact government pricing channels will have on their developing financial models for new products. Government-regulated payers—such as Medicaid, Medicare, VA, and DOD—often leave financial ambiguity in their wake, as smart, competent, capable companies can’t keep up with the changing rules, regulations and risks inherent in government pricing. They need a guide.

Join Jason Hardaway, Managing Partner at CiiTA LLC, as he discusses government-mandated price controls, such as Medicaid, 340B, and VA—and the hidden impacts of each of these controls on your financial models. You’ll receive a roadmap on how to navigate their nuances and how to avoid their potentially devastating pitfalls. This knowledge, and an understanding of these channels pre-launch, will protect revenue and keep your investors happy.