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AgilePDX User Group - Portland Metro - Fakes & Bullies: Taming your impostor syndrome to find your inner thought leader

308 SW 2nd Ave., 5th Floor
Portland, OR 97204, us (map)


Please RSVP on our Meetup page to reserve your spot: https://www.meetup.com/AgilePDX-User-Group-Portland-Metro/events/258138240/
If you are unable to attend, please update your RSVP to open your seat for another attendee.

So you’re learning Agile! You get excited because you discover something and bring it to work and - POOF - someone discards your ideas like they’re useless! Or someone comes to you and wants to “coach” you about what you “should” be doing in agile/scrum/Kanban teams. How do you share your most exciting thoughts and receive the thoughts of others?

Both Kat and Kathey (Kat’s inner critic) will be presenting. Join Kat/Kathey on her journey from curious newby, to “fake expert” to “Newby Thought Leader” and back again…and again. Kathey will discuss self-doubt, blame, living behind the walls of our assumptions. Using those defense mechanisms, Kat will share how she has been able to rewrite some bad internal dialogs to develop channels that have allowed her to passionately share often valuable insight with those around her, and to be recognized for doing so. She will also share her failures, and how she was able to apply them differently in subsequent exchanges. (50 min with optional facilitated networking to follow)

Key Results:

> Recognize what Agile Bullying is: when you see it and when you do it.
> Learn some methods to deliver value or extract it from others without bullying.
> Gather some tools that can help you self-brand and develop your own inner expert
> Activities that can help you develop as a thought leader in your own skill expertise
> Hands-on coaching and networking exchange activity within small groups: Practice the skills we discuss and network with your agile community.
> Laughter

Kat Daugherty's Bios:

Kat Daugherty is a practicing Enterprise Transformation Agile Coach at Slalom Portland, with 2k+ LinkedIn followers and a cornucopia of speaking, training, publishing and facilitation learning and accomplishments. She’s passionate about mentoring, reconfirming our biases, empathy-centric leadership, and personal branding.

“Kathey Daugherty” is Kat’s inner critic who often wonders if she is really as good as those she views as more accomplished, more intelligent, smarter or better than she is at agile, speaking, and life in general.

Notice: This meeting may be recorded. Also, we will not hold the event during icy or snowy conditions. Cancellations will be posted on MeetUp and Calagator 3 hours before event time.