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PASCAL Hackerspace - Hack2Learn: Hackers, Assemble! Pt.2

226 SE Madison St
226 Southeast Madison Street
Portland, OR 97214, us (map)



Hack2Learn: Hackers, Assemble! (Part 2)

Hack2Learn is a bi-monthly CTF (capture the flag) meetup hosted at PASCAL in Portland, OR. PASCAL is an organization of equal opportunity hackers, and we will be introducing you to all the various types of challenges that you might face at any level, and at any time in the fields of information security and technology as a whole, for fun or profit.
Hacker/Tech culture and community can sometimes be a bit (or a byte ^_^) off-putting, especially to those trying to figure out what exactly it is, what we are and what we do. During this meetup at PASCAL, we welcome n00bs with open arms! Never competed in a CTF challenge before? Never even heard of CTFs? Do you have a strong desire to learn & teach alongside peers? GOOD!! You will fit right in at Hack2Learn!

For the next Hack2Learn workshop (yes, we are finally getting this event rolling again!), we will be taking a crack at Assembly-focused CTF (Capture The Flag) challenges: specifically, the PICOCTF2018
Assembly 0-2. MrDe4d will be walking everyone through these challenges, step by step (pun!) so that everyone in attendance will gain theoretical as well as applicable knowledge.
Being able to gain control of system memory is a powerful skill, and is a gateway to understanding memory structure, how data is accessed and processed, how the OS, CPU and programs interface with one another and ultimately how to pwn. A lot of people find Assembly intimidating..and while it may seem daunting and complicated at first glance but, as with any programming language, a grasp of logic as well as dedication to learning are all that are required. In addition to walking you through every step in each challenge, a relatively quick
intro to Assembly will be given, hopefully demystifying it a bit for everyone. MrDe4d will cover basic syntax, instructions and conditions. As we dive deeper into each aspect of the challenges, we will continue to reiterate what has been covered with Assembly- we expect questions to be frequent and recurring. It is absolutely OK to ask the same thing more than once; PASCAL Hack2Learn is a friendly learning environment!
H2L has two major goals: for everyone to capture the flags, and to learn to reverse engineer. This is not a workshop focused on learning a tool, rather it is designed to get attendees thinking logically, critically & to get everyone accustomed to being uncomfortable and not knowing the answer.
In order to participate, attendees will need a computer running either Linux (distro of choice though for this workshop Debian flavors are recommended) or Windows with a VM for Linux, & an install of Cutter 1.7.2 (a Radare2 GUI).

Note: Running Linux is not absolutely necessary when using Cutter. Both Windows and Mac are suitable and Cutter will run fine. Cutter still definitely has a learning curve to it.. fortunately, there is an excellent tutorial/intro on Megabeets.net!

Questions? Email [masked] or get on the PASCAL Discord and interact with other PDX hackers (ask for invite).