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PASCAL Hackerspace - Hacking+PASCAL=Hack2Learn

226 SE Madison St
226 Southeast Madison Street
Portland, OR 97214, us (map)



Hack2Learn is a monthly CTF (capture the flag) meetup hosted at PASCAL in Portland, OR. PASCAL is an organization of equal opportunity hackers, and we will be introducing you to all the various types of challenges that you might face at any level, and at any time in the fields of information security and technology as a whole, for fun or profit.
Hacker/Tech culture and community can sometimes be a bit (or a byte ^_^) off-putting, especially to those trying to figure out what exactly it is, what we are and what we do. During this meetup at PASCAL, we welcome n00bs with open arms! Never competed in a CTF challenge before? Never even heard of CTFs? Do you have a strong desire to learn & teach alongside peers? GOOD!! You will fit right in at Hack2Learn!
For the first Hack2Learn meetup, we will walk you through the setup process, starting with installing a virtual machine and setting up a beginner friendly Linux environment (Kali counts as beginner friendly, right?), followed by a lightning lesson on command line. Once everyone is ready, we will dive right in to a STEMCTF challenge created by MITRE Cyber Academy. Basic understanding of at least one programming language and/or security concepts is helpful, but not necessary. Honestly, when we say all you need is a desire to learn, we mean it!
If you have a laptop, bring it. We have a handful of loaners for those who need them, as well as several desktop PCs for use at the hackerspace. So, brush off your social anxiety, leave your impostor syndrome at the door, and let your inner hacker take a crack at capture the flag- PASCAL edition!

Questions? email [masked], or leave a comment on the meetup page (though we tend to not check that as often.)