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Ensemble methods, Peer mentoring and Coursera course discussion

2828 Southwest Corbett Avenue
Portland, OR 97201, US (map)

This is a different room, the fountain room, in the same building where we have been meeting.



Lets get together to discuss all aspects of deep learning.

In particular, this week I'm interested in learning more about ensemble methods for deep learning. If you get a chance and are so inclined check out The Relative Performance of Ensemble Methods with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Classification

Also, bring any questions you may have on the Fast.AI or Andrew Ng's coursera course.

All levels of experience are welcome. We rarely have presentations, though we may someone leads a discussion. Bring your questions, projects and ideas, basic or advanced, and we'll try to help.

Don't forget the #deep-learning channel in the PDX Startups slack which you can join at https://pdx-startups-slack.herokuapp.com