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PDX PHP - PHP TestFest!

2222 NE Oregon St
Portland, OR 97232, us (map)



There will be food and participation, so bring a computer!

PHP TestFest seeks to create more PHP core contributors by introducing PHP programmers to the PHP language test suite, teaching them how to write phpttests. From September through December, 2017, groups worldwide will meet physically or virtually to learn how to write and contribute phpt tests. You don’t have to be a C genius—in fact, you don’t need to know C at all to contribute.1 If you can write a few lines of PHP, you can write a phpt test.

PHP TestFest wouldn’t be complete without prizes. We’re still working out the details, so we’ll announce prizes and how to win them soon.

This kick-off meeting will be a mini-hackathon which will include information on setting up your environment and how to write and contribute phpt tests. We'll be able to continue working on our test together in the slack channel and at other meetups, so you'll want to get started with us now!!!