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JavaScript and the Internet of Things Meetup - Hack Amazon Dash Buttons with Node.js

1400 Southwest 5th Avenue, Floor 3
97201, OR 97201, us (map)



New Location!

We're now at eBay! 


6:30 Arrive and Networking

6:45 Show and Tell

What have you been working on since the last meetup? Come and share what you've done. No project too small. A blinking LED is awesome! 

7:15 Hack Amazon Dash Buttons with Node.js - Andrew Chalkley

Amazon Dash buttons are used to reorder common items on Amazon. But what if you could use these buttons to do anything!? Learn how to use Node.js to sniff out button presses on an Amazon Dash button and use it to invoke any action!

Andrew Chalkley is a Full Stack Software Architect at eBay, co-host of That Maker Show and project lead of thingsSDK. He also helps organize the JavaScript and Internet of Things Meetup!

8:00 Networking

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A huge thanks to eBay for the venue and providing food!

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