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PDX PHP - The Red Team is Coming!

2222 NE Oregon St
Portland, OR 97232, us (map)



There will be food, give-a-ways (elephpants), and a great time to network with the fabulous PHP Community!

This month we will have a special guest speaker from Las Vegas: 

Adam Englander is an Engineer, Speaker, and Author with 30 years of experience in building business applications. He has been an outspoken evangelist of PHP during what he calls “The PHP Renaissance”. Adam is a strong believer in the power of strong developer communities. He is a actively involved in the Las Vegas technical community and the Founder of PHP Vegas. Always looking to push the boundaries of what is possible with PHP, Adam has been working to expose the PHP community at large to IoT and asynchronous programming. He also advocates building better applications today by building well tested applications that are cryptography secure.

The Red Team is Coming!

The Red Team, hackers, criminal organizations, and nation states, are a constant threat. The systems we build are the targets. We need to understand the human collateral that hangs in the balance. We embrace methodologies to write better code and make our lives better. They do nothing for the rest of humanity that is directly affected by security vulnerabilities we introduce. In this presentation, I will put a human face on the users of our software. I will challenge you to think in terms of flesh and blood rather than ones and zeros. We are all the Blue Team. We protect the rest of humanity. Join me in the fight. The Red Team is coming!