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Refresh Portland — A Deliciously Good Chew: Lessons in Digital Marketing and Strategy

1140 SW 11th Ave Suite 200
Portland, OR 97205, US (map)



After a decade working in digital marketing and strategy, Helen Chang wanted a side project distraction. She set out a few criteria—it needed to take her away from the computer, be tangible, and make for a good conversation starter. All the things that digital marketing and strategy supposedly are not. Driven by nothing more than impulse and naivete, she created 1UP Caramels, which turned out to be a business, which turned out to be a success, which turned out to be not so different from selling a product, design or service in the digital world after all.

In this talk, Helen will share 8 lessons in digital marketing and strategy that she learned and reaffirmed while she took a break from digital marketing and strategy to sling caramels. Bring a friend and cozy up with your peers at this March edition of Refresh Portland.

Our Presenter, Helen Chang

Helen Chang works in digital media and has done the full-gamut: design and programming, planning and execution, production and lead. In her more recent role as a digital strategist, she helps companies build out their digital channels and establish best practices in digital communications, user research and engagement, campaign strategies, and performance measurement. She is also in the process of developing digital marketing courses for a university client.

In her spare time, Helen enjoys nothing more than good food and the company of good people.