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Portland Accessibility and User Experience Meetup - Accessibility for Developers with Joe & Bruce

308 SW 2nd Ave Fifth Floor
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)
Public WiFi

Puppet is our event host. Please review the accessibility information of the venue and also the Puppet Community Guidelines and Event Code of Conduct.

The event is located on the fifth floor; use the elevators on the right when entering from 2nd Ave.



Let's follow the life cycle of an accessibility bug. Joe Watkins will guide us on a developer-oriented exploration of how these bugs hatch, mature, multiply, and — most importantly — how these pesky critters can be squashed. Come join in the moderated Q&A.

We will begin the evening with social time and then the presentation at 6:30 so there is plenty of time for Q&A, discussion and a bit of networking/wrap-up at the end.

Presenter: Joe Watkins is an Accessibility Consultant with Simply Accessible. Joe has a passion for the web and working with others to make it more usable for everyone.

Moderator: Bruce Elgort is an instructor in the web development program at Clark College. He emphasizes accessibility from day 1 in all of his classes. Bruce is also a low vision user who himself relies on accessibility with his day-to-day activities.