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Portland Mobile .NET Developers Group - Automated Acceptance Tests using SpecFlow and Xamarin.UITest

Viewpoint Tech Center
1510 SE Water Avenue
Portland, OR 97214, US (map)
Public WiFi

Access Notes

The main door is on Water Ave.



Ryan will present what he learned about using SpecFlow from Alexandra Marin’s talk at .NET Fringe, “Mobile testing for grown ups”, for anybody who missed it!

Here is the description of Alexandra Marin’s “Mobile testing for grown ups” talk:

"If you’re anything like me, coming on to a new project is terrifying: unknown domain, indecipherable (yes, I had autocorrect rewrite that word) tests and general panic. And I love unit tests as much as the next face-deep-in-code 24/7 developer, but that’s a limited way of testing your app and we can do better.

So let’s take a swing at turning specifications into concrete, executable and easy-to-repeat behavior. The result is powerful UI acceptance testing by performing common behaviors like pressing buttons, making swipe gestures and entering text. Oh, and did I mention you can automate all this?"

Doors Open at 6:00, Talk Begins at 6:30. Viewpoint is providing Pizza and Soda!