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pdxrlang meetup: Hadley Wickham - Data science with R

Reed College, Eliot Hall

Doors open at 6 pm

Location: Eliot Chapel, on the 3rd floor of Eliot Hall.



To do data science you need five sets of verbs: import, tidy, transform, visualise, and model. Importantly, you also need a way to connect these tools together so that your analysis flows from one step to another, without you beating your head against the wall. In this talk, I discuss the idea of the pipe as it is implemented in R with the magrittr package. You’ll learn why the pipe makes your code easier to read, and see how it provides a unifying interface throughout your complete workflow.

Come along to learn about why I think pipelines are awesome and see how pipelines + tidyr, dplyr, ggplot2, and purrr can make your data analyses fast, fluent and fun. I’m a passionate believer that code should be an artefact of clear communication, so even if you’ve never used R before, you’ll be able to follow this talk.