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7CTOs - Get Your Estimates Right - Why Your Customers And Your Team Will Love You

1355 Northwest Everett Street
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)



There are always scenarios where when given a hard deadline, we must respond with what work can be accomplished by that date. How do we know when to work with what we have been charged to do or push back? What options do we have?

How do we know when to Commit, Estimate or Explore in differing technical or business scenarios? When choosing estimation or exploration as an option, how do you communicate your reasons and negotiate with your customer or stakeholder when he or she would prefer a commitment?

We will meet in a conference room at CENTRL and spend 2 hours together discussing this topic and getting to know more about each other's business challenges. We will also run through a few exercises designed to challenge our thinking and ultimately make us better leaders.


We are meeting at CENTRL 1355 NW Everett St on April 25, 2016

6pm: Food and Drinks

6:30pm: Get started on Forum discussions topic: Estimates

7:30pm: Exercise

8pm: Done!

What is 7CTOs?

7CTOs is a Chief Technologist Community of Practice where we share business challenges, grow together and collectively solve hard problems for the greater good. We meet in forums of 7 members on a monthly basis in cities across the USA. Check out 7ctos.com/story