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Hacking the gender debate in an interactive unconference format

851 SW Sixth Avenue, 8th Floor
Portland, OR 97204, us (map)



Come see what happens when you hack the gender debate in an interactive unconference format with the help of trained facilitators.

You’ll be talking, laughing, listening and connecting with other Portlanders who care about gender, tech and authentic conversation. You’ll get to:

• Have a real conversation with skilled facilitation.

• Overcome politically correct limitations to conversation.

• Learn to take perspectives fluidly in a conversation.

• Be more empathetic.

• Take risks and be willing to make mistakes.

• Gain confidence in having delicate conversations.

And chances are, you’ll find this experience useful for how you create culture, build better workplace relationships, and lead.

Ticket includes:

• Wine + cheese + festive atmosphere.

• Professional facilitation, led by master facilitator Diane Hamilton, with a team of Integral Facilitators. Integral Facilitator® is a professional facilitative leadership training program and community, hosted by Ten Directions.

Join us for this enlightening, fun and perspective-enhancing experience.

Cost $20

You can register at http://www.meetup.com/Navigate/events/227512135/ or http://somacollaborations.com/wit/