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CoreOS + Techno-Activism 3rd Monday

Portland State Business Accelerator Mt. Hood room
2828 SW Corbett Street
Portland, Oregon 97201, US (map)
Public WiFi



Join us on Monday, February 15th for a joint CoreOS and Techno-Activism 3rd Monday meetup. We'll have two knowledgable CoreOS presenters, Alex Crawford and Matthew Garrett, as well as lots of tasty food! Come learn about security and CoreOS.

6:00 pm

Food, Drink, Networking

6:30 pm

New Ways to Deploy and Manage Applications at Scale

Alex Crawford, software developer at CoreOS

The last decade belonged to virtual machines and the next one belongs to containers. CoreOS is a new Linux distribution designed specifically for application containers and running them at scale. This talk will examine all the major components of CoreOS (etcd, fleet, docker, systemd) and how these components work together.

7:15 pm

Protecting Laptops Against High-Level Adversaries

Matthew Garrett, principal security software engineer at CoreOS

You’ve left your laptop in your hotel room. You come back, turn it on and type in your disk encryption passphrase. And, just like that, you've granted access to all your private data to the person who slipped in with a USB stick while you were out.

This isn't a hypothetical case. We've seen companies selling tools that are intended to bypass disk encryption by simply modifying the boot process and waiting for the user to type in their decryption key. It's a worrying situation, but it's one that we can protect users against.

This presentation will describe how some of the same techniques used to protect servers can be used to verify the state of laptops. It'll demonstrate the use of a novel but straightforward piece of software that allows users to use widely deployed hardware to let users check the security of their system at a glance. And it'll talk about why you still need to be afraid of a smaller set of really scary people.



Interested in speaking at a CoreOS meetup or hosting a future event? Please reach out to marketing at coreos.com to discuss!