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The Future of Humanity

Tabor Space
5441 SE Belmont
Portland, OR 97215, USA (map)
Public WiFi

We'll be in Room 05. Look for a board pointing the way to the event.



Join us for a discussion about where we're coming from and where we're going as a species! We'll talk about the promises and perils we can anticipate along the way and postulate what we can do with this realization. Further topics include coming technologies, current capabilities, and a history of the transhumanist movement.

After the presentation we'll have a panel discussion where the audience can get involved. Satisfy your curiosity and express your views! While the venue doesn't allow food, we plan to adjourn to a nearby eatery for food, drink, and further discussion.


Tricia Mendoza - "A Novice's Perspective"

Paul Burkett - "Are You Ready to Have Superpowers?"

Jacob Johnston - "Practical Transhumanism"

Zac Finger - "The Future from the Past"

Jim Walz - "The prospect of Runaway AI"

Dorothy Deasy - "The Future of Real" (extract from her talk at the Extreme Tech Conference)