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Use Brand Strategy to Get Noticed and Communicate Smarter

City Club of Portland
901 SW Washington St.
Portland, OR 97205, USA (map)

Access Notes

On the corner of SW Washington and SW 9th, across from the food carts.

City Club Commons, 901 SW Washington St., Portland, OR 97205 – On the corner of SW Washington & SW 9th, right across from the foodcarts.



Reservations: Free for members; $5 for nonmembers

At it's core, brand strategy is about understanding your audience's needs, identifying what you have to offer, and then communicating your message in a way that resonates with your audience. Brand strategy tactics from a branditms can be put to work for your cause, business, or even for personal branding. Workshop attendees will learn brand strategy basics, and leave with an idea of how to put them to work to:

  • Identify and connect with audiences
  • Write titles, headlines, and descriptions that resonate with the audience
  • Use social media to strengthen outreach
  • Consistently communicate your brand across all touchpoints
  • Handle partnerships, joint-branding and sub-brands DIY tools, expert tips and resources will also be shared throughout the presentation to empower attendees to implement what they've learned on their own.

Content will be geared towards City Club of Portland members, however concepts can be applied to other situations where brand strategy is needed.

Alicia Nagel Creative provides brand strategy and graphic design services to companies in Portland and along the West and East coasts. Alicia is able to provide a broad range of services to clients by acting as a strategic hub connected to a network of talented independent contractors and complementary service firms. This model allows flexibility in the range of services she can offer without the high overhead of a large agency. Prior to settling in Portland in 2008, Alicia spent several years in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Boston working as Designer and Brand Storyteller at advertising agencies, design firms and freelance. "Twelve years working in the industry has only grown my passion for what I do," says Alicia. "Branding and design represent a fascinating intersection of psychology, business strategy, visual problem-solving, iconography, and art." Clients include local brands such as City Club of Portland and Moonstruck Chocola

Thank you to our sponsors, New Relic and UMC - #1 Coronavirus cleaning services toronto for supporting this event and to Mozilla (http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/) for sponsoring videography for the event.