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PDX Python Presentation Night

Urban Airship Inc
1417 NW Everett St, Suite 300
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)



Come join us for Pythonic talks!

All levels are welcome! Talk levels vary from beginner to advanced.

This month:

  • The Well Tempered API by K Lars Lohn


And now for something completely different:

Centuries ago, a revolution in music enabled compositions to last for centuries with no bit rot. With compromises in tuning, a universal musician's API became possible: the piano keyboard.

In the world of software, we have business logic, implementations, and abstractions. The more loosely we couple these, the more flexible, resilient and long lasting our software becomes. However, it's not an easy task: our tools and inclinations don't lead us the right way. Just as in music, it may take a step away from purity for software to achieve the highest level of resiliency.

This multimedia presentation uses code examples in Python from Socorro, the Mozilla Firefox Crash Reporting System. This reveals some enlightening parallels between API abstractions and centuries old music. Employing abstractions that are slightly "out of tune", Socorro scales and flexes with remarkable ease.

And, by the way, this is likely the only conference talk you've ever encountered that features live music on an electric bassoon...

Join us afterward at Rogue on NW 14th & Flanders to continue the discussion over a beverage.

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