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RefreshPDX: The Power of Pattern Libraries

209 SW Oak St Suite 101
Portland, OR 97204, us (map)



Every web project faces a similar set of challenges: how do you keep visual assets and the code that serves them maintainable? CSS, in particular, is notoriously difficult to manage over time. Almost as soon as a project begins, we lose track of everything we’ve made available. Even worse, we become fearful of making changes, because it’s hard to know what the consequences will be.

Instead, we tend to add. We add more code, and we add more components. Before long, our CSS is very difficult to update, and our sites become inconsistent, with a diverse mix of typography and components.

Pattern Libraries can help us with these problems. We’ll talk about exactly what a Pattern Library is, how it is (or isn’t) like a Styleguide, some advantages it can provide, and finally a little about how to go about making one.