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Cascadia Cypherpunk Convergence

Portland State University
1633 SW Park Ave
Portland, OR 97214, US (map)

Portland State University: Smith Memorial Center 2nd floor



A cypherpunk is someone who uses cryptography and similar methods to achieve societal and political change.

Over the last two decades we have seen the Internet transformed from a tool of emancipation to the most insidious threat to human liberty the world has ever seen. But amidst the seemingly intractable rise of a transnational surveillance society, there is a small spark of hope endowed on us through the power of mathematics. It is possible to formulate a math problem (an algorithm) so difficult that even the mightiest superpower cannot decipher it. It is this fundamental property of our physical universe that provides some measure of hope in what otherwise seems to be very dark times.

Through this conference we hope to increase how networked our movement is and raise public awareness about issues of privacy, technology and social change in the digital age.