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Drupal frontend meetup - August 2014 - "Twig Prototyping with D8's REST API"

Drupal Association HQ
209 SW Oak Street, Suite #100
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)

There is an open parking lot across the street from the building as well as covered parking next door. The building is approx. 1 block from the MAX stop at 1st and Oak which serves the Blue and Red MAX line. It's just a few blocks away from the Yellow/Green stop, too.

The front doors to the building automagically lock at 6:00pm, and we can't put signs on the doors. We'll try to post someone at the door for a few minutes after 6, but it'll probably be best to arrive a little bit early! You can also try pinging me (@Mindewen) on Twitter if you get locked out.



Last time we met, we talked about Nearly Headless Drupal in Drupal 7. This month, provided we have a space to meet, Erik Baldwin (@CLoudNYNE) will show us how he creates a fully functional, in-browser prototype that can be integrated with Drupal 8 via REST and Twig, or migrated to a D8 theme.