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Drupal Frontend Meetup - Nearly Headless Drupal

Squishy Media
Portland, OR, US (map)

The meeting area is on the 3rd floor. If the elevator is locked, try the stairs around the corner. You can also try tweeting me (@Mindewen); I'll try to remember to look at my phone!



Drupal frontend devs, have you ever experienced frustration with Drupal's theming layer? Have you fought epic battles with theme functions or render arrays just to get that one snippet of crucial markup how you need it? Does template.php make you want to cry in a corner?

Jay Mallison and Mike Katsufrakis from Live Axle will tell us all about their adventures in creating a #NearlyHeadlessDrupal site where they are decoupling Drupal's excellent content management abilities from it's less-than-ideal frontend using JSON output and Angular.js.