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CHIFOO Presents: Three Kick-Ass Power Presentations, One Night

Connective DX Community Room
2030 NW Pettygrove St
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)

Event is free for CHIFOO members. $5 for non-members.



This month, CHIFOO presents not one, but THREE speakers who will quantify their own takes on Kick-Ass for us.

Part One: “Authentically Kick-Ass” with Robert Lacosse. The concept of kick-ass is, more often than not, resting precariously upon the notion of authenticity: that which is either original or conforms to an accepted norm set forth by an original. However, is it really that simple? In actuality, the term is more loaded in nature than it would appear. Authenticity is tied, as are all sought-after commodities, to economic dynamics. We’ll discuss why some products and concepts are viewed as authentic and other, tandem, items as old-hat and what that means to us as UX professionals.

Part Two: “What Should You Measure and How Do You Present It for Impact?” with Nechama Katan. Nechama will provide a process for continuous data discovery and analysis focused on metrics and measures that matter. We will explore some tools that provide self-service analytics and show how they can be used to maintain a relevant set of measures. Finally, good data is not enough, how it is presented matters.

Part Three: “Hopeful Monsters: Punctuated Equilibrium and the Post-Book Age” with Corey Pressman. The advent of hypertext and the new art of interaction design signal the dawn of a post-book epoch. We will focus on the User Experience Design opportunities this moment affords. Innovative products and features such as content-rich apps and shared marginalia will be presented, evaluated, and discussed.