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(Unconference) Evolving Virtual Teams

Multnomah Athletic Club (MAC)
1849 Sw Salmon St
Portland, OR 97205, US (map)



Generally acknowledged best practices for software development strongly favor co-location, but with mergers, acquisitions, outsourcing, and off-shoring the co-located team is becoming an endangered species. Teams now are commonly project-based and geographically distributed. How can we work effectively with team members in different physical locations?

Learn from key open source leaders that with the help of virtual teams produce some of the highest quality, most widely used software today. Come prepared to speak your mind, share your experience, listen and learn about working in a virtual team. If you are involved anywhere in the software development lifecycle, this event is for you.

What is an Unconference?

An Unconference is the inverse of a conference, in that there’s no predetermined, pre-set schedule, agenda, or speaker lineup. Utilizing the concept of OpenSpace, this unconference is the coming together of participants, with no predetermined agenda or program, to have an open discussion and share insight in a place where experts and beginners are equal. You won't be lectured at, rather you'll leave with a better understanding of a topic and the satisfaction of being heard outside Q&A time.

The OpenSpace methodology is carefully designed to elicit maximum involvement and creativity in a constructive atmosphere. It is also highly flexible so that the content is entirely determined by you -- the participants. This is not to suggest that the conference will not have content or outcomes, for there certainly will be both. Achievement in the meeting will be totally dependent upon individual and collective responsibility to make it happen. The content is what each person shares, and the outcome is what we will all create. The event will be inventive, creative, productive and full of surprises.

Capacity: 160 attendees

Audience: From executives whom are concerned with productivity, quality and cost management to product owners, analysts, developers, designers, and testers all who are attempting to share a single thought and build upon it.

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