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Agile PDX November Meeting - "The After Party"

McMenamins on Broadway
1504 NE Broadway St Ste 900
Portland, Oregon 97232-1407, US (map)
Public WiFi



We're meeting after the SAO day-long event,"Blurring the Lines between QA & Dev in an Agile Environment." Local Agilists will reflect on what we heard or said in presentations at the event, then we'll apply "personal kanban" to create table topic lists for the evening.

You don't have to have attended the SAO event to join us.

  • If your business card says programmer, tester, project manager, product manager or coach (or would if you had one)
  • If you use Agile methods, practices, principles or approaches
  • If you seek opportunities to keep working for companies that prefer an Agile approach
  • If you want to recruit team members who know how to work in an Agile environment
  • If you're curious about any the above, Come on over.

We welcome practitioners from all Agile-related frameworks--Scrum, XP, Adaptive, EVO, Lean, Kanban, Scrumban, Crystal, FDD, AUP, DSDM, etc. And people who want to learn about same.