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PDXScala Meeting

Jive Software
915 SW Stark St., Suite 400
Portland, Oregon 97205, United States (map)
Public WiFi



It's that time again! It seems to sneak up on me and if I'm not careful, I'll forget to send these notices out entirely. But fate intervened and I was reminded about it just now, so... without further ado... I'm happy to say we have what looks to be a very interesting talk this month being given by Stephen Judkins. Here's the description in his own words:

GOTO Considered Awesome: Delimited Continuations in Scala

Scala 2.8 adds support for delimited continuations, a powerful control-flow abstraction. First, I'll show how the the impressive power offered by continuations can be used for good or evil. I will demonstrate how they can be used to implement GOTO in Scala, then I'll show how a simple, synchronous Scala program can be transformed into a distributed, asynchronous web application that could support millions of concurrent users.

I'll explain what a continuation actually is, and how Scala's are "delimited". I'll step though the code transformations the Scala compiler performs in order to support continuations. I'll show the limitations of Scala's continuation support and how it could be improved. Finally, I'll explain how continuations are a fundamental abstraction upon which many other things can be built.

If you have other topics you'd like to discuss or just want to come hear how others are using Scala, please come join us. There is always plenty of opportunity for open discussions and mini-presentations.