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Art is War: Reinventing the Art Sales System with New Media

Art Institute of Portland
1122 NW Davis
Portland, Oregon 97209, US (map)



Hazel Dooney is a fine art painter from Australia. She has declared open war on the art gallery system, and she’s winning. She sells her work directly to her fans and she does it mostly through her website and social media, coupled with live showings outside of gallery spaces.

Earlier this year Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls created a virtual party for her fans. She didn’t expect it to be anything other than a good time and she stumbled on a way to connect with thousands of her fans directly. It’s now a regular occurrence and she’s figured out how to sell her music & artwork directly to her fans, angering her record label and art traditionalists.

Amber Jean, a sculptor living in the woods in Montana, gives her fans an inside look at her studio and the wilds of Montana through her website and video podcasts. Her open communication with her fans has resulted in a huge boost in her art career.

In this event we’ll explore how Hazel, Amanda, Amber, and other artists are doing an end run around agents, galleries, and managers in order to connect directly with fans, have more fun, and keep more of the revenue from their art sales for themselves. We’ll also look at how the same approach can work for craft artisans, dancers and other artists.