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Free showing of "The Crash Course" in three parts Sept. 30th, Oct 28th & Nov 18th

St. Francis Church Dining Hall
1182 SE Pine St
Portland, Oregon 97214, US (map)



The Crash Course seeks to help you understand the nature of some extremely serious challenges and risks to our economy and your future prosperity. Chris Martenson weaves together a number of seemingly disparate topics into a single story, discussing the Economy, Energy, and the Environment... For it is where these fields overlap and intersect that the greatest story of any generation will get told.

Chris Martenson is an author and obsessive financial observer who has made profound changes in his lifestyle because of what he sees coming. He runs a popular website devoted to advancing awareness of the Three“E’s"--the Economy, Energy and the Environment, although most of the focus is on tracking the economy.

Chris is not an economist. He is trained as a scientist, having completed both a Ph.D. and a post-doctoral program in Neurotoxicology at Duke University. Chris’s extensive scientific training guides how he thinks. He gathers data, develops hypotheses, and continually seeks to accept or reject them based on the evidence at hand. He lets the data tell the story.

In addition, Chris has a solid business background, with an MBA in Finance from Cornell with ten years experience in corporate finance and strategic consulting, becoming an executive of a Fortune 300 company.

The main body of Chris' work, The Crash Course, is a dynamic web-based video presentation, bringing together the threads of the “Three E’s,” and explaining why and how the next 20 years will be completely unlike the last 20.

Shown in Three Parts

All 20 sections take 3 hours and 23 minutes to watch in full, with chapters are between 3 and 20 minutes in length.  

To allow for plenty of time for discussion we will be showing this DVD in three parts, on the following days. Please note that we will be flexible in how far we get each night, but the dates listed below are not going to change.

September 30th

1. Three Beliefs   (1:46 minutes)
2. The Three "E"s    (1:38 minutes)
3. Exponential Growth    (6:20 minutes)
4. Compounding is the Problem    (3:06 minutes)
5. Growth vs. Prosperity    (3:40 minutes)
6. What is Money?    (5:55 minutes)
7. Money Creation    (4:19 minutes)
8. The Fed - Money Creation    (7:13 minutes)
9. A Brief History of US Money    (7:14 minutes)
10. Inflation    (11:48 minutes)
11. How Much Is A Trillion?    (3:28 minutes)
12. Debt    (12:32 minutes)
13. A National Failure To Save    (12:06 minutes) 

October 28th

14. Assets & Demographics (13:41 minutes)
15. Bubbles (14:10 minutes)
16. Fuzzy Numbers (15:52 minutes)
17a. Part A: Peak Oil (17:52 minutes)
17b. Part B: Energy Budgeting (12:15 minutes)
17c. Part C: Energy And The Economy   (7:05 minutes)

November 18th

18. Environmental Data  (16:22 minutes)
19. Future Shock   (8:02 minutes)
20. What Should I Do?  (19:48 minutes)