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Transitioning to iPhone Development - Night & Day Studios

107 SE Washington St., Suite 520
Portland, Oregon 97214, US (map)
Public WiFi



[Full details at http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/1515705/ ] Many local companies are contemplating the opportunities created by the iPhone App Store and whether or not to change their focus to build iPhone applications. One local company that has taken the leap is Night & Day Studios. Night & Day Studios is a media production and software development house in SE Portland. They got their start developing kiosks and other exhibit media for museums. Since the summer of 2008, they have been developing iPhone apps for adults, children, and families. Night & Day Studios plans to transition completely to mobile development by 2010. They currently have five apps in the iTunes store, ranging from the trivia game Big Fat Lies to the #10 kids game, Peekaboo Barn. Night & Day team members will share their experience developing and marketing iPhone apps, focusing in particular on Peekaboo Barn. They will detail the process of app submission and approval; setting prices; getting attention from iPhone app reviewers, VIPs, and other earned media; internet advertising; dynamics of the iTunes store (ratings vs. units sold, targetting categories); and creating the even more popular (and free) Peekaboo Barn Lite. For those interested, they can also field questions about the process of becoming iPhone developers, contracting and working with an outside illustrator, identifying and using Creative Commons media, and user-testing with children and families. About Night & Day Studios Night & Day Studios is a team of 11 designers and entrepreneurs located in the firehouse on 7th Ave. Team members have various backgrounds in interactive design, writing, media production, educational theory, and marketing. Company founder Nat Sims will be joined by team members Chris Higgins and Erin Rackleman.