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5441 SE Belmont St
Portland,, Oregon 97215, US (map)
(503) 238-3904

Taborspace is a community center located on the grounds of historic Mt Tabor Presbyterian Church. Their mission is to foster creativity and community in the Portland area. They offer a variety of classrooms and meeting spaces for rent at reasonable rates. The on-site coffee shop is worth a visit, if only to sit under the beautiful stained glass.

Access Notes

Wheelchair accessible.

Future events happening here

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Past events that happened here

  • Tuesday
    Mar 26 2024


    This month we are back at Taborspace. It's been nearly 5 years since we held a meetup in this space so we decided to come back.

    We will do our best to provide some signage so people can identify the group more easily. We've heard you and know that it's a bit awkward to ask, "Are you here for the meetup!" when there's nothing to identify the group.

    As always, be there thinking about ways you can help your fellow founders. No selling, no solicitations, just good conversations!

    See you there! Josh & Mark

    About founder.coffee: As a business owner, you are faced with many challenges. You're forced to make decisions every day that could make or break your business. founder.coffee is a way to network with other entrepreneurs to allow free-flowing information with the intent to collaborate and help each other. So often we're challenged and there's very little we can do to express our challenges with the people we work with or the people we care about. Think of founder.coffee as your own personal support group for business owners. We're all here to help!

  • Saturday
    Jun 4 2016
    Alexa Skill Building 101
    javascript python


    On Saturday June 4th we bring you the first ever Hackster.io + Amazon Alexa workshop!

    Liz Myers, who is a Developer Evangelist at Amazon, will be teaching Alexa Skill Building 101 starting at noon. In this talk, intended for software and hardware developers interested in voice control, home automation, and personal assistant technology, we will walk through the development of a new Alexa skill and incorporate it into a consumer-facing device.

    The talk will be followed by lunch and an afternoon of hacking. Finish off the day with dinner and incredible prizes sponsored by Amazon.

    Alexa is the speech and personal assistant technology behind Amazon Echo. Today you can use Alexa to listen to music, play games, check traffic and weather, control your household devices such as Philips Hue and Belkin WeMo, and lots more. Alexa offers a full-featured set of APIs and SDKs that you can use to teach her new skills and add her into devices and applications of your own.

    Worried that your just a beginner and not much of a coder? Don t be! This Hackathon will be suitable for beginners and pros alike. We have examples and tutorials that will get you up to speed with creating your own amazing voice activated Alexa “Skills” for the Echo – come learn and make new nerdy coder friends! Any experience with JavasScript or Python will be a plus but we have a repository of examples you can simply modify to make your own publishable Alexa Skill. Drop in, bring your laptops, your friends, and plenty of time to hack some uber code and hear what Echo has to say.

  • Monday
    May 4 2015
    The History of Cryptography


    The History of Cryptography at Portland Underground Grad School

    With the rise of privacy concerns in digital spaces, encryption technology has become an increasingly important modern topic. But the practice of secure communications, and the practice of breaking it, have been around for centuries. Come examine the origins of cryptography, from Caesar ciphers to modern day techniques and even learn some basic crypto methods that can be done by hand.

    This is a four week class and requires reservations. See the website!

  • Thursday
    Feb 19 2015
    Crowdfunding 101


    Want to launch your idea, startup and need the support of your community? Crowdfunding might be the solution. Join us for a discussion around crowdfunding. We will help you find answers to these questions: 1. Is crowdfunding right for me? 2. What is the best crowdfunding platform for me? 3. How do I know what financial goal to set? 4. Can I run the campaign solo or should I have a team? 5. What is the small and the big picture of crowdfunding? 6. What myths of crowdfunding? 7. What are the top 5 biggest mistakes of a successful crowdfunding campaign? 8. What are the 3 circles of crowdfunding? Lets explore what crowdfunding is and what it is not. We will explore the good and the bad of crowdfunding.

  • Thursday
    Dec 18 2014
    Secret Knowledge of Crowd Funding


    Time tested fundraising wisdom you need to finance your next album, publication, business idea, or art project.

    This workshop will cover time-tested nonprofit fundraising principals and show you how to apply these principles to your individual crowd funding campaign. You’ll leave with a easy-to-follow framework for planning and implementing a successful crowd funding campaign.

    Free ($5 - $15 suggested donation). Let us know you're coming. Registration is free (and optional)

    Instructor: Noah Kleiman

    Secret Knowledge offers free/low-cost workshops aimed at giving working class artists, musicians, and creative entrepreneurs the tech & business skills they need to succeed.

  • Wednesday
    Dec 10 2014
    Secret Knowledge of Working Websites


    Enlightenment for beginners, confidence for the daunted, wisdom for anyone looking to promote their creative work online.

    Build a professional looking, easy-to-maintain website for marketing your music, artwork, or creative business. This workshop is an applied lesson in building a website that works for you using the free Wordpress content management/blogging platform.

    Free ($5 - $15 suggested donation). Let us know you're coming. Registration is free (and optional)

    Instructor: Noah Kleiman

    Secret Knowledge offers free/low-cost workshops aimed at giving working class artists, musicians, and creative entrepreneurs the tech & business skills they need to succeed.

  • Monday
    Nov 24 2014
    Secret Knowledge Exchange


    This is Secret Knowledge's Un-Workshop. There's no topic, just a mission.

    It's about getting you the resources, skills, tips, creative advice, tech help, or buoying encouragement you need right now. Come, and get it.

    Getting the most out of Secret Knowledge Exchange

    It's an un-workshop. That means it doesn't have a topic. Participate by bringing requests or a topic suggestion for the group. Engage and help each other. If you have the answers someone needs, share.

    We guarantee to make it worth your time, each and every time.

    Some ideas

    We hope this example list will help you as you consider what requests to bring to the workshop. We're including it to inspire you, not limit your options.

    • Bring that pesky technical device, computer program, or other doodad that you're having trouble figuring out. Ask for help. (bring the manual if you have it)

    • Talk about the state of your career, what your goals are, and ask for advice on how to break out of a rut.

    • Bring something you're working on, ask for some feedback.

    Free / Suggested donation ($5 - $15)

    Let us know you're planning to attend. Registration is free (and optional).

    About Secret Knowledge

    Secret Knowledge helps independent artists develop the skills they need to grow their businesses and works to foster arts-engagement among local audiences.

  • Thursday
    Nov 20 2014
    Secret Knowledge of Clear & Clever Marketing


    Secret Knowledge of Clear & Clever Marketing

    Find those magic words, in a world where there are no magic words.

    Find words your customers understand.

    It seems simple enough; find the words your customers understand and they’ll buy what you’re selling. This workshop covers the process of identifying who your customers are, determining what they need to hear in order to take a particular action, and what your resulting message should be.

    In keeping with the spirit of other Secret Knowledge workshops, attendees are encouraged to bring their real-life marketing challenges to this workshop. We’ll use the principles covered to come up with simple, but effective, ways to work through your marketing challenges.

    Free / Suggested donation $5 - $15

    Let us know you're coming. Registration is free (and optional).

    Secret Knowledge - Teaching Artists

    Secret Knowledge helps independent artists develop the skills they need to grow their businesses and works to foster arts-engagement among local audiences.

  • Monday
    Oct 13 2014
    Quit Your Job and Start A Business


    Make the transition and take the leap to starting your own business!

    You have an idea, a dream, a vision that you want to pursue. Your heart is ready to take that leap of faith and start that business, but your brain weighs the risks to your career and livelihood and tells you to stay put in your job.

    It’s an agonizing place to be.

    In this workshop, given by Robin Wang, a seasoned start-up veteran and small business owner, we will help you plan and prepare for that leap by demystifying the entrepreneurial journey, offering tactics to reduce the risks, and showing you the resources that can make the leap more palatable for your brain to follow your heart and pursue your dreams.

    Workshop Take-Aways
    1. What To Expect: The Life of an Entrepreneur
    2. Get a Handle on Personal & Business Finances
    3. Discover Business Funding Options
    4. How to Manage Your Employer
    5. Start a 10 Step Transition Action Plan
    plus much more...

    Webinar option also available!

    For more information and to register visit www.QuitJobStartBiz.com. Email [email protected] to request discount promo-code.

  • Thursday
    Jun 19 2014
    Secret Knowledge presents: Open Source Drum Machine !


    Make your own drum beats and grooves. This workshop covers how to program drum machines using Hydrogen, a great free/open source drum machine program.

    Learn drum machine basics, discover free percussion sound resources, and explore the beat-crafting secrets which keep people listening.

    This workshop demonstrates drum machine basics which you can apply to any drum machine, or other simple music sequencer system. We’re using Hydrogen for this demonstration because it’s a free and open source program which runs on most computer operating systems.

    Bring your laptop and follow along, or show up computer-free. Either way you’ll learn a lot about beat making and a thing or two about how music works.

    Join us Thursday, June 19th 7pm – 9pm

    Muir Hall – TaborSpace 5441 SE Belmont St. in Portland, Oregon

    This class is offered on a sliding scale. We suggest $5 – $15 per attendee.

    Instructor: Noah Kleiman

    Offered by Secret Knowledge - Teaching Artists.

  • Monday
    May 5 2014
    Secret Knowledge of Crowd Funding


    It’s an exciting time for artists, musicians, and creative business people. Crowd funding has become an increasingly commonplace way to get financing for creative projects and business ideas.

    The concept is simple: Explain what you’re planning to accomplish in a compelling way and offer small incentives to reward people who support your plan. Get a lot of people to give small amounts, enough to fund your project.

    This workshop will cover time-tested nonprofit fundraising principals and show you how to apply these principles to your individual crowd funding campaign. You’ll leave with a easy-to-follow framework for planning and implementing a successful crowd funding campaign.

    We’ll look at critical elements such as:

    • Setting an appropriate fundraising goal

    • Identifying the potential backers you already know

    • Giving levels and backer rewards

    • Promoting your campaign

    • Writing an effective appeal

    We’ll also take a look at some case studies of successful crowd funding campaigns and discuss what made them successful.

    UPDATE: This is now a FREE FREE FREE event. (suggested donation $5 - $15)

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  • Thursday
    May 1 2014
    Secret Knowledge of Poster Design


    UPDATE - May 1st: This is now a FREE EVENT ! we're going to record the class and make an instructional video presentation from it. Feel free to drop in and join us tonight.

    Learn the skills you need to promote your art, music, or events with printed posters and on the web. This class uses free professional layout software and shows you all you need to create eye-catching designs to help you be seen and build your audience.

    Noah Kleiman is an experienced and engaging arts-technology instructor with years of experience empowering creative people with technology. This two hour workshop will show you how to use Scribus, a free & open source desktop publishing program (like InDesign, only free). The software runs on all major computer operating systems (mac, linux, pc). If you're accustomed to making posters using a photo editor (like photoshop) or a word processor (like word) then working with Scribus will be a better tool for the job. If you've never attempted to make a poster before, you'll start with the right tool and acheive professional-looking results.

    In addition to the software training, this course will connect you to excellent free graphics resources on the web which are legal for you to use in your designs. Testimonial for Secret Knowledge of Poster Design As the owner of Poster Child Events LLC here in Portland, Oregon, I am an expert on the topic of poster campaign marketing. Posters are a vital and economical method of branding and promoting an event or a business. Posters act to both build public awareness in an organic & human way while also acting to reinforce and remind the public of your project. Posters after all, are the oldest form of advertising, arguably as old as hieroglyphics and are still used today for one reason…they work.

    Secret Knowledge of Poster Design, taught by Noah Kleiman, shares tricks to free and basic design applications and programs; and will teach you to make a professional-quality design. Whether you are producing an event or are a business owner, I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in taking over the world DIY style or at the least, spreading awareness of your project in and around Portland, Oregon.

    Take this class!

    Tamara J. Brown, Owner of Poster Child Events LLC www.posterchildevents.com

  • Wednesday
    Jun 12 2013
    Fluid images for responsive web design (Adobe User Group)


    Photoshop & Illustrator User Group meeting.

    Presentation and discussion about images in web sites — especially those with responsive design and Wordpress sites.

    NO fee to attend. No RSVP required.

    For location and time details, visit https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/pdx-adobe/AkDlJBqafFI

    Meetings are on second Wednesday of each month. You can sign up to get announcements at the above web site.

    We'll be giving away a book donated by Peachpit Press (everyone at this meeting is eligible for the drawing!)
    Be sure to plan for our November giveaway: Adobe Creative Cloud. To be eligible, attend in November AND at least one meeting June - October. 

  • Sunday
    May 19 2013
    The Electric Universe - a Lecture on Electricity in Living Phenomena


    A 4-hour lecture and visual slideshow on how electricity shapes and powers the physical universe.

    Lecturer James Sorensen is an engineer and science buff with a lifelong interest in myths & legends, religions, and scientific theories. James believes all these knowledge systems must be integrated to gain a deeper understanding of living phenomena, and this is the inspiration for his lectures.

    While working in the semiconductor industry, James noticed curious similarities between his observations of plasma etching (micro) and the forms of planetary nebulae and cosmic plasma phenomena (macro). This inspired five years of intensive study into Electric Universe theory.

    Join us for an overview of how recent discoveries in electricity, when linked to historical events, challenge conventional wisdom across the sciences -- from astronomy, biology, geology, and archaeology, to health sciences, mythology, meteorology, and beyond.

    Price: $30 Adults / $10 Young Adult / Children free, and should be able to sit quietly for 3-4 hours. Limit of 25 guests, reserve your space now.

    To register, contact Cherie Mensching 206-459-6626.